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What Is SEDA (SEDA)? Complete Guide Review About SEDA.

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What Is SEDA (SEDA)?

B2ELand Game started in 2022 and has spread globally as a fun game for people, SEDA The Game will be placed on CEX. The estimated release date September 2022. With the rise in water levels and the shrink in land size, basic life elements began to shrink as well, Consequently land became inadequate to meet the needs of the remaining people on it to ensure the survival.

Here comes SEDA story as a group of senior Earth scientists sent an army of robots to build a spaceship to meet the needs of the planet’s inhabitants. Players will immerse themselves in different strategies to produce resources rapidly with the help of robots. Securing planet Earth’s needs is your current goal. The game has an entertainment and financial value thanks to the blockchain technology.

SEDA Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSEDA
Short NameSEDA
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Total SupplyN/A
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Game Story

In 2999, the melting of Arctic ice led to a significant rise in sea level. SEDA Most of the land on the planet was flooded, and there were not enough areas left for agriculture, industry and wealth extraction. Humanity has one last hope… It is the B2E project, which is launched by the seniors of Earth scientists who sent an army of robots to build an enormous spaceship and equip it to become similar to the Earth’s conditions, They began sending a group of humans to manage it and build a new civilization on it to meet the needs of mankind.

In this first chapter Saving Humanity

A group of scientists at B2E project, a high-level program, made a spaceship with conditions very similar to the planet Earth. SEDA They made robots to work on this ship under human control to produce resources to be used during their 15-day stay to be replaced by new investors to work on this ship. Several years after the completion of the B2E project, which achieved great success in saving humanity, the Earth has become a narrow place for many people to live in. As a result, scientists decided to create a new world parallel to the Earth, safe for human survival, and integrated life.

Game Play

SEDA is a game based on securing the resource requirements of mankind on Earth using technology Blockchain, the task of players is to build and develop equipment to improve and accelerate production processes. The player’s success is through the correct investment of resources and effective development of equipment, and the expansion of his land to raise productivity.

The resources that you start with are few and limited, so players have to quickly upgrade their equipment in order to produce resources faster. SEDA At the beginning of the game, each player is given a land that contains some buildings and some characters. Upon progressing, the player does a lot of fun activities that help improve the production.


SEDA Imagine being selected to travel to a spaceship that seeks to save the Earth by working on it and securing the needs of mankind, You are the ultimate leader to control the development process of this project and raise its level of efficiency, There will be countless challenges and unexpected events that you will have to face every day. This is the future vision of the B2E project

SEDA differs from the rest of the games, focusing entirely on the player’s in-game interaction and making the experience revolves around the story of the game, This aims at possessing the player the sense of responsibility for land and leadership in the development process. This aim for a comprehensive interactive environment using metaverse technology and constantly introduce new features and gameplay to achieve your metaverse experience and give players the most enjoyable experience.

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