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What Is Hirokage (HIRO)? Complete Guide Review About Hirokage.

What Is Hirokage (HIRO)?

The Village is here to build a strong well driven decentralized community shaped upon patience, integrity, honor, and trust. Hirokage goal is to feed your village by creating a seal of trust when incubating new villages (projects) in order to help investors in the space become educated on setting standards and expectations when investing into new projects. This aim to provide aid for upcoming projects and create a safe village ecosystem for your investors to grow.

A “KAGE” stands as a leader of a village. The Kage’s job is to protect the village. In the Shinobi ranks, the Kage holds the highest tier in ranking giving it the leadership/protector role. In order to achieve this, the Kage must be head strong. To have quick judgement and resilience to push through no matter what.

Hirokage Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHirokage
Short NameHIRO
Circulating Supply8.00B HIRO
Total Supply8,000,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


More often than not, as a new or seasoned investor in cryptocurrency they often forget to set standards and expectations for projects Hirokage put your hard-earned money into. The “Blind Degen Ape” is a plague spreading across the DeFi space allowing scammers to take advantage of this. However, they have the ability that can impact and spread awareness in lowering investor risk while helping them maximize opportunities and identify potential projects. Your goal is to create investment and development seal of trust. Below is your list of how they will built long-term trust into your village ecosystem.

There are times they need to make changes to the utilities being developed for the purpose of further improving them and to consider the best approach of the project and investors. These are not set in stone as they highly encourage community feedback for ideas and your potential utilities. By building these utilities, it allows to lower the taxes until they eventually no longer need token taxes to sustain the project. In addition, one of your long-term goals is to aid in listing on exchanges given the opportunity.

Village DAO

In the initial stage of your launch, we plan to leverage the DAO as your Village Governance until your own customized DAO platform is complete. They are excited to share your progress with you, but continue to optimize the user experience and user interface requirements and features. Also, a priority for is the voice of your investors as they will greatly impact the future of Village Protocol.

Hirokage are constantly monitoring and listening to the community’s concerns and requests. It is very important for to know what your investors feel when they propose critical project developmental changes as they will be able to shape the direction of Village Protocol. Your voice matters! They will also aim to reward your holder’s engagement with the DAO.

Offer opportunities

Hirokage goal in this space is to educate, reward, and offer opportunities for your investors. In doing this, they will ensure that projects incubated through your village incubator meet the same standards they hold for ourselves as a village. During the beginning stages, they will leverage already made products from reputable projects in the space through partnerships to aid in launching safe projects.

Ultimately this all in one incubator will be developed on your very own platform given they have found a professional dev team to produce this for the village. In able to participate in token pre-sales, you must be holding a said amount of VLP tokens to be automatically whitelisted.

Diamond holders

Hirokage will be rewarding your diamond holders with the Genesis Dake NFT drop which allows all holders of this stunning NFT piece to yield extra amount of APY when staking your tokens. The date of release is TBA as they work on properly marketing them and getting them to the right audience along with developing partnerships with fellow NFT projects. They aim to offer more than just staking rewards to your NFT holders. These may include future airdrops from partners.

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