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What Is Wolf Coin (WOLF)? Complete Guide Review About Wolf Coin.

What Is Wolf Coin (WOLF)?

Wolf Coin is designed for practical use of block-chain technology, and the coins can be mined by its unique POC (Proof of Codex) algorithm. Miners will write and post online contents at its own knowledge sharing platform and are connected to its Codex to complete a block. The knowledge sharing platform will create and share various knowledgeable contents based on WOLFCOIN’s mining compensation, which will attract additional users (mostly men) to the platform.

Wolf Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWolf Coin
Short NameWOLF
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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POC mining is a revolutionary method in mining methods that uses each user’s effort to mine the coins and the mining works are useful for the world itself. They are always open and welcome and questions you have for your team. If you wish to get in touch, please fill out the form below. Someone from our team will get back to you shortly.


Wolf Coin will secure global users by its DApp, and complete BM structure to be a CASHCOW for the business. By this the miners of WOLFCOIN or users of the services build BM that is traded by WOLFCOIN.

Social Connect

Upcoming services such as Wolf Pass and WOLF Pay are mutually linked based on Wolf Wallet. Their knowledge and information are accumulated in the Wolf Network, users mine WOLFCOIN in return for their contribution. This has 3 business plans for the success of the project and practical use of block-chain technology.

Layer 2 compatible

Using Wolf Coin contracts, DSU can be minted with a reduced gas burden & directly on to L2s to satisfy demand & keep volatility around the peg low. By holding or integrating DSU you are taking on a different set of trust assumptions than if you were interacting with the underlying collateral. This minimizes the trust required between the collateral issuer and you while maintaining the redeem ability of the underlying asset. With DSU you are engaging with a decentralized protocol and governance instead.

The ESS token governs the protocol via the Governor Alpha contract. The token can be used to vote on proposals and create proposals. The ERC-20 is owned by the Reserve which can mint more if the Governor Alpha passes a vote to do so. The Registry maintains a list of all of the addresses and contracts owned by the Time lock contract, and by extension the Governor Alpha. It is a central reference point used by the protocol to keep track of the updated contracts.

Future proof

Via the Empty Set Dollar governance token, collateral or reserves can be replaced via a governance vote. This allows Empty Set to react to new risks. Users are able to mint DSU by providing the specified collateral, currently this is USDC. They are also able to redeem USDC from DSU at a 1-to-1 ratio with DSU. This allows for perfect arbitrage between the collateral and DSU, which in-turn keeps the peg tight.

Low-risk collateral

Empty Set consumes a low-risk collateral to back DSU, this ensures the stability of DSU. cUSDC is the collateral of choice. Empty set is a wrapper for stable coins. The protocol consumes a particular collateral, places it into a reserve and issues a stable coin, known as Wolf Coin, against it. The act of wrapping has a number of benefits, ranging from trust-minimization to risk reduction for upstream protocols.

Payment Flexibility

Wolf Coin is an electronic wallet that can save and keep WOLFCOIN. It can also keep and be exchanged from and to other coins such as BTC, ETH, etc. WOLF is designed to practicalize the block-chain technology in the real world. POC mining is a revolutionary method in mining methods that uses each user’s effort to mine the coins and the mining works are useful for the world itself. WOLFCOIN adopted a unique algorithm of POC (Proof of Codex), in which users mines coins by creating contents based on their knowledge and information.

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