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What Is AtomPad (ATPAD) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About AtomPad

What Is AtomPad (ATPAD) Coin Review ?

AtomPad is a multi-chain launchpad, focused on secure and faultless project launches, which grants token stakers exclusive access to pre-sales of projects which have been carefully selected for our launchpad. AtomPad is deployed on Binance Smart Chain but will provide a launchpad platform with multi-chain support. AtomPad is the first platform that has implemented NFTs into launchpad tiers. Investors will be able to purchase one of a limited number of NFTs which will grant holders LIFETIME allocations for every project that launches on the platform.

The ultimate goal of AtomPad is to become one of the biggest ecosystems in the De-Fi space. Usage of any of the AtomPad products will benefit $ATPAD holders. $ATPAD has multiple usecases and a deflationary supply. Currently the most common deflationary practice is burning project tokens by taxing investor transactions. However AtomPad takes a different approach, firstly projects using our ecosystem will be incentivised to use $ATPAD to pay for services (a proportion of which will then be burnt). But also the project will use a percentage of fees generated by the platform for the buyback and burn of $ATPAD tokens. This approach helps AtomPad reduce supply, without impacting the normal investors, which will increase the value of $ATPAD and further drive positive investor sentiment.

AtomPad (ATPAD) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAtomPad
Short Name(ATPAD)
Circulating Supply14,304,409.00 ATPAD
Max Supply20,000,000
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NFT Tiers

AtomPad has built upon the traditional tier system of other launchpads (where you need to hold or stake tokens to take part) and in addition AtomPad has introduced NFT access controlled tiers! Each Tier has its own NFT (God, Einstein, Tesla, Newton, Hawking) that will get you access to that tier. For example, instead of staking 20,000 $ATPAD tokens to get a 750 pool weight, holding a GOD NFT will grant you equivalent access. The same logic applies to other tiers as well. Holders of NFTs will automatically be whitelisted for every launch on AtomPad by simply holding the NFT in their wallet, our smart contract will scan the wallet address of investors and automatically whitelist based on the NFT.

How Does The Tier System Work?

As an example, let’s say we have 100 participants in this IDO and we have 1,000,000 tokens for sale, let’s calculate how many tokens will be available for each investor based of every tier.

50 Hawking, 20 Tesla, 15 Newton, 10 Einstein and 5 God tiered participants.

(Pool equation = Participant x Pool weight)

50 x 15 = 750

20 x 40 = 800

15 x 130 = 1950

10 x 300 = 3000

5 x 750 = 3750

Total Weight: 10,250

Weight equation = Tokens / Total weight or 1000000 / 10,250 = 97.56

(Pool equation x Weight equation)

50 x 15 x 97.56 = 73,170

20 x 40 x 97.56 = 78,048

15 x 130 x 97.56 = 190,242

10 x 300 x 97.56 = 292,680

5 x 750 x 97.56 = 365,850

Divide the pool weight by the amount of participants in each pool tier, so it looks as follows:

73,170 / 50 = 1,463.4 Tokens per participant

78,048 / 20 = 3,902.4 Tokens per participant

190,242 / 15 = 12,682.8 Tokens per participant

292,680 / 10 = 29,268 Tokens per participant

365,850 / 5 = 73,170 Tokens per participant

Tiers Of AtomPad

To be eligible to participate in IDOs, users will need to hold and stake $ATPAD tokens. Atompad will have 5 tiers and all tiers will guarantee an allocation;

  • ​HAWKING – Staking requirement 1000 ATPAD, pool weight 15.
  • ​NEWTON – Staking requirement 2000 ATPAD, pool weight 40.
  • ​TESLA – Staking requirement 5000 ATPAD, pool weight 130.
  • ​EINSTEIN – Staking requirement 10000 ATPAD, pool weight 300.
  • ​GOD – Staking requirement 20000 ATPAD, pool weight 750.

Tiers can stack, for example, you need to hold 20,000 ATPAD tokens to get GOD tier and a pool weight of 750. Holding 200,000 ATPAD tokens will get you 10x pool weight, which means you can get 10x more allocation.

Allocation System

Guaranteed allocation based on tiers

Stake your tokens to get access to a tier. The more tokens you stake, the higher your tier and the greater your allocation.

Lifetime allocation through NFTs

Mint an NFT to immediately gain access to the corresponding tier. Hold for continued access for all IDOs.

FCFS round

If there are any remaining pre-sale tokens, after the allocation round, then there will be a ‘first come, first served’ opportunity for all stakers and NFT holders


There will be regular lotteries through AtomPlay, with a single entry to an IDO tier as the prize