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What Is MvPad(MVD) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About MvPad

What Is MvPad(MVD) Coin Review ?

MvPad As embrace the new era of the Virtual Cosmos aka the MetaVerse, MvPad will provide a platform to the startups of the Future to raise capital along with providing them a platform to Experiment and grow! The META-MOON and META-STAR tiers are for small investors, where whitelisting will be required to get into the Public Sale. On contrary, the META-GALAXY and META-COSMOS Tier holders will not have to go through any whitelisting. The highest tier will receive Airdrops/NFT drops time to time through our partnership with

MvPad(MVD) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMvPad
Short Name(MVD)
Circulating Supply9,400,000.00 MVD
Max Supply20,000,000
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How It Works ?

The revolutionary new Launchpad MvPad is deflationary in nature & provides the investors with an opportunity for long term wealth creation through staking incentives. It includes a 5% fee on all token sales (sell orders) and early unstaking fees of up to 20%.

Distribution Fees


– 2% of the fees to be distributed among the holders

– 1% to be added to liquidity

– 2% to be burned perpetually


– There is no fee (incentive for being team #MetaB)

Early Unstacking Fee

– An option for early unstaking will be available, with a 20% burn fee applied.

– There will be no fee charged after the 10 days cooling period has passed.

– There will be a 10-days cooling period following unstake.


One key element of Metaverse is its NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which prove ownership and have an array of uses including representing digital identities, domains/property/land, unique collectables as well as providing value in the form of IPRs.

DAO System

A community-generated / backed ecosystem is a necessary component to developing a citizen-driven metaverse- we need to ensure value democratically and fairly, ensure a proper level of transparency as well as avoid any centralisation.

Meta Id

Use the Metaverse Blockchain as the engine behind our Decentralised Identity Platform (DIP) & make sure your data remains private ensuring you can monetize it via Personal Data Trading while keeping control over where exactly your info is shared.


Metaverse is a decentralized universe built on the pillars of blockchain. It isn’t complete without inter-connectivity between other multiple universes! The Metaverse multiverse works by enabling the exchange of features and assets within each universe. Every change that happens across all metaverse powered universes will be instantly recognised, which means even if you aren’t resident in an alternate reality you can still benefit from their breakthroughs.


The metaverse includes both augmented and virtual reality. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are inseparable component of the metaverse. AR and VR create a more immersive environment for exploring the MetaVerse in the manner it was meant to be experienced in realtime.

We’re Building Tomorrow’s Multiverse With You.

The world is slowly becoming more and more blended with technology. Virtual worlds are blending into our daily lives, but it’s time for a shift – we need to rethink the way in which you interact with your surroundings online. The technology offers users a immersive environment where they can explore alternate realities, meet other people from all around the world or even create their own communities. We seek to make it possible for new and promising initiatives to debut themselves on the metaverse, allowing for significant development, innovation, and industry connections. MvPad aims to drive this unprecedented shift to a multiverse society by facilitating collaboration, coordination, and development of ground-breaking Metaverse initiatives.


As the IDO/IEO space is booming and with the recent influx of new projects launching each quarter is insane. So we want to help bring the growth opportunity into the metaverse ecosystem.
We will provide a platform for projects with great potential in an effort to give them exposure and provide them with a forum to display their work.

  • Expert Guided Tokenomics Design And Vesting Schedule Creation
  • Access To Our IDO Platforms Exclusively For The Ultimate Launch
  • Exclusive Marketing And KOL Network Access
  • Comprehensive Assistance Provided By Industry Connections And The Crypto Network
  • Advising Projects On How To Create A Cohesive Growth And Marketing Strategy Right From Launch And Beyond
  • Exceptional Technical And Legal Assistance