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What Is FITN (FITN)? Complete Guide Review About FITN.

What Is FITN (FITN)?

FITN goal is to bring an unparalleled fitness solution which helps improve public health in general as well as offer your investors and users various sustainable opportunities to earn with Exercise-to-Earn concept. Different from M2E concept, E2E allows users to do exercise in general such as walking, jogging, skipping, running, playing sport, cycling or even workout to keep fit and make profit simultaneously. Gathering a seasoned team with the ambition to build up a healthier world when the sedentary lifestyle is taking dominance over others in the world, FITN is developed as the answer to this puzzle. Durability Attribute affects the endurance of NFTs. The higher the durability attribute points, the longer time NFTs need to repair.

FITN Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFITN
Short NameFITN
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply250,000,000
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Unique Selling Propositions

  • A wide range of E2E modes, including jogging, running, cycling, even workout and yoga/mediation, etc., with assorted challenges and minigames.
  • Users can have NFTs customized by themselves and display them in their AR Rooms.
  • SocialFi elements (invite friends, clubs, trainer clubs with scholarship, etc.) allow users to connect and exercise together.
  • Health stats are closely tracked by online tools and reports are sent to users’ email every month.
  • Free-to-play mechanism for users to experience the play modes instantly in 7 days of trial.

Solo Mode

To start earning with this mode, users need first to equip themselves with NFT items. There are 5 types of NFTs for different sports Training shoes, Running shoes, Walking shoes, Athlete shoes, and Bicycles. With solo modes, users walk, run or bike alone to earn. Every 5 minutes of users exercising with FITN in any sport accounts for 1 power. Depending on the type of NFTs/activities users choose, the number of $FIT tokens per power spent can vary.

With group mode, users can invite their friends via an invitation link to participate in exercise activities in FITN with them. During users’ excersing time, there might have some Mystery boxes with many valuable items inside dropping. The more people exercise together, the higher the drop rate of these Mystery boxes. This rule is also applied to $FIT tokens each user can earn; it means the more friends users can invite, the more $FIT they can make.

Challenging Mode (Minigame)

Based on users’ wellness, FITN brings them a series of quests to break their own records every day. This mode helps users stay motivated to keep fit by rewarding their mission accomplishment with attractive rewards, including badges and tokens. To take charge of a trainer in FITN coaching mode, users have to overcome various challenges to prove their ability. As a trainer, the user’s role is to instruct other people to gain both their exercise and earning efficiency. They uses recorded data from other health tracking apps to help users maximize their earnings even if they don’t actively use FITN app. Users do not have to pay the Durability and Power costs when using the Background mode.

Free to play

After downloading and creating accounts with FITN, users receive default assets including 1 pair of shoes and 1 bicycle to run or cycle in 7 days. These trial assets are not NFTs, which means they do not have the liquidity and can not be tradable on the marketplace or withdrawn from the app. However, their ability to earn $FIT (in-game token) is intact. This mechanism helps users can start instantly with without spending money to buy NFTs in the beginning. Users can upgrade their NFTs by burning $FIT tokens. It takes some time to finish the upgrading process according to NFT’s rarity level. Users can spend an additional $FIT to speed up the process.


Badges can be obtained by completing daily missions in Challenging mode and participating in Trail/Marathon mode.

Take advantage of badges in the FITN ecosystem as follows:

  • Solo Mode, Group Mode – Extra Power
  • Marathon – Extra Point in the Leaderboard
  • Rental and sales-related – Higher chance of leasing out NFT
  • Related in Box-Minting – Lower the cost of minting

NFT renting

To start earning without any owned NFT, users can rent them on the Marketplace. Users having demands for renting NFTs first need to apply for a rental, and they then are paired with a leaser for a Rental Agreement. Renters have to fully agree to the terms of this agreement to have it take effect. Each Rental agreement is for 24 hours, and after that time, rental NFTs have to return to the owners for repair.

A Rental Agreement can last up to 7 days, depending on the renter’s credit rating. With any successful Rental Agreement fulfilled, the renter’s credit rating will be added 0.1 points. FITN the contrary, failure to comply with the terms of the agreement will let this number decrease. Whenever a renter completes a session in the Solo Mode, the Smart Contract will distribute the earnings in accordance with the Rental Agreement. The renter and leaser earnings are fixed.

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