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What Is Force of Nature (FON)? Complete Guide Review About Force of Nature.

What Is Force of Nature (FON)?

Welcome to the Force of Nature wiki. This is a living, breathing document that will be updated with game-related information, patch-notes and additional project goals. Please take some time to read through all of the past 8-months worth of work they have done. They are proud to bring you a project that – they feel – will reshape the space and set a new standard. No stone has been left unturned and no avenue has been left unexplored. They have put your heart and soul into these characters, the visuals, community and every morsel of this project. The bedrock of any good team are the combined values. Your project whittles down to the following 3 core values. These are what have built your vision upon.

FON is an entire ecosystem that revolves around the game; Force of Nature. The game is a P2E and multiplayer and will also let you play vs. AI to sharpen your skills before your friends see you on the PvP-battlefield. FON will be bringing forth a P2E Game.Staking Platform.Suite of NFTs. They are striving to set the benchmark for BSC Projects. This transcends into the tokenomics, which have been very carefully thought-out. And that’s why they’re here with another update for you. They are rapidly moving faster toward the actual token launch, time moves incredibly fast when you work.

Dear FON fan, as they’re moving closer and closer to the March launch, things are falling into place faster than ever. They have a hard time keeping up with everything. But simply could not do it anymore, it’s too good! Even though they won’t share everything, this time will. An alpha sneak peek has arrived “Already?!” you may ask. Your Crown Jewel. A superiors Play 2 Earn game that is designed for PvP combat and family-fun alike. Four staking pools with varying lockup-periods / APY %. Earn rewards for locking tokens. Mint, Stake, Trade or collect! A vibrant collections of NFTs that will generate passive income.

Force of Nature Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameForce of Nature
Short NameFON
Circulating Supply1.00B FON
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Market Research

What good is releasing a project without scoping the playing field? How do you make an impact without knowing your competitors? They have taken the time to meticulously assess those projects which have succeeded and those that have failed to hit the mark. This has given a well-informed understanding of what is required to produce something that is truly game-changing.


The foundation is constructed on solid communication, building rapport and keeping open-and-honest practices with investors and all key-stakeholders alike. They endeavour to communicate every move – whether minute or magnificent – to all of your FON Nation. Passion gives satisfaction in creating something meaningful to, puts in a state of flow and – most importantly – makes happy in what they are delivering. A very well known name in the BSC space; Chino has a wealth of connections to top marketing avenues in/outside of crypto. An expert in Chinese marketing, futures trading and project communications.

Force Of Nature: P2E

Initially, what started out as an innocent glance at a fruit bowl in his kitchen, Niro had the vision for something truly relatable to each and every one Fruits and Vegetables. Each and every character is the embodiment of traits that Force of Nature may see in ourselves and, therefore, will create a diverse playing-field in game. Each and every character, or Fruitarrior and Vegelante, has been hand-drawn on a piece of paper, later made into digital 2D art and then 3D for the game. They all possess their own special abilities / unique quirks. Working closely with the Game developers, they have brought each and every character to life, with expressions, unique movements and special abilities.

NFT Marketplace

At launch, investors will be able to access Force of Nature Exclusive NFT marketplace where they can Mint NFTs and stake them for rewards. Mint, collect, stake and trade these lovable NFT characters. Or simply keep em in a Fruit and Veg Bowl.

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