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What Is Richverse (RIV)? Complete Guide Review About Richverse.

What Is Richverse (RIV)?

With these cards you will be able to assemble your team. In Richverse a team is made up of 4 Yummi monsters, moves that your can perform in battle, and one trainer which gives a boost to the entire team. Create the perfect deck to battle against other players, climb the ranks and rise to the top of the leaderboard by playing ranked and earning $Yummi rewards. You will also be able to participate in weekly tournaments, in which you will have to pay $Yummi entry fee which goes into the prize pool. Win your matches, go up in brackets and win a big prize.

The Village will be the go to place for Cardano on-chain related Richverse activities, accessible from a website app. To gain access to its features, simply connect your smart contract compatible wallet. Staking will allow you to partake into the governance component of Universe, giving you the ability to vote on various proposals in The Village. While the specifics of the system are yet to be finalized, they know that it will stem from $Yummi staking. The governance component inside The Village will make decisions on a wide range of proposals, from game design choices to balance patches, but also future updates and more.

Richverse Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRichverse
Short NameRIV
Circulating Supply100.00B RIV
Total Supply200,000,000,000
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Richverse Team


The Richverse marketplace will be just that a smart contract enabled Cardano NFT marketplace, specifically tailored to suit the needs of related NFTs. It will incorporate the necessary tools for a pleasant user experience while searching for specific cards and gathering the supply into one convenient marketplace. On top of that, it will allow for listing in both ADA, with incentives to list in such as reduced fees. When listing with ADA, the marketplace will act like any other marketplace and collect royalties. However, all listings have fees that fund the treasury, which will in turn fund staking and P2E. Having your own proprietary marketplace set up in such a way allows to lower fees for your cards while benefiting the ecosystem at the same time.

The company Product Store

The store will be the place to go for all Richverse related merchandise, from t-shirts to sweaters, plushies and more. Initially they will only be accepting fiat currency like any other website. They chose to do this as need to be able to pay manufacturers in fiat to produce your goods, however when an on-ramp gateway is available, they will also take payment in ADA or even. The webstore will also allow for purchasing of the various limited time card packs.

As stated in Self-fund, the first card pack will be in ADA to aid the future development of the game. Every pack after the initial sale will be available to purchase in Richverse tokens exclusively. Once each minting period is over, the packs from that period will never be available to mint again, effectively capping the supply and making them deflationary as times goes on and people open them.

Promotional NFTs

Promotional NFTs with merch, possibly with utility. For example the first 500 buyers of a new hoodie could get a special card NFT that can be used in the game, or for a set period of time people who buy Naru plushies could have a cute 3D render of it as an NFT. Limited edition auctions and selling of signature pieces in Richverse as a way to fund the treasury.


Richverse Roadmap
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