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What Is Camel Coin (CMLCOIN)? Complete Guide Review About Camel Coin.

What Is Camel Coin (CMLCOIN)?

A coin offering for anyone interested in true community, profit-sharing, and the magic of the Metaverse. Bringing safety, stability, and new potential to the world of cryptocurrency. The Camel Coin is the first token release from Twin Realm Studios, creators of the Camel Clans. While previous coins have benefited the few. They’ve created the Coin for everyone. To provide real value, both online and off. To build a community with exclusive opportunities and profit potential. A safe place, built on integrity and stability. Welcome to the new world. Better Story is your partner for all things storytelling and the words you’re reading right now, your sales material and online properties.

Your other co-founders and development leads have been a part of some of the most successful token launches in the ( short ) history of the space and are well known in the BSC space. They have marketing team members from the world of big advertising and clients like RedBull Mcdonald’s, Hyundai and Subway. And they’re doing things right, the team is fully doxxed and KYC’d, with an LCC Registered company at the heart of everything.

None of this would be enough with the blue-chip quality of your team ( internal and extended )—a co-founder whose previous clients have included Marvel, DC Comics, Legendary Pictures and Nickelodeon. This isn’t for you if you’re looking for a short-term opportunity to pump and dump. They’re not focused on greed but quality, community and the long-term. Followed closely by longevity and future vision. They’re building a project that merges both online and offline, on a level not before seen in an ETH-based project.

Camel Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCamel Coin
Circulating Supply5,000,000.00 CMLCOIN
Total Supply5,000,000
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Camel Coin Team

Security, stability and safety

There are too many grifters in the crypto / NFT space. Folks looking to make a quick buck by pulling the wool over the eyes of others. They’ve been around the industry long enough to want no part of this, and they see it as your responsibility to be as transparent and honest as possible. They’re here for the long haul and to take care of the people who get involved. Coin has a 6% transaction tax deposited to the Sandstorm Reward Collector, which automatically converts it into ETH. Half the royalties from Camel Clan NFTs and all future collections from Twin Realms are deposited into the Sandstorm Reward Collector.

Utility NFTS Rewards Distributor

Each tier of the Utility NFTs is assigned 25% of the pool, with rewards paid out in proportion to currently available NFTs. Any rewards for NFTs not sold yet will be recollected into the Distributor for future distribution, effectively distributed between current owners. The reward distributor automatically creates dividends for each owner of the Utility NFT as necessary. With the explosive growth in crypto and NFTs, it will take more than just a good idea to build a world-class opportunity.

Camel Coin believe they’ve all the building blocks to make this a runaway success. To begin with, your ecosystem. One that allows a drip-feed of profits from the volume of future projects to be distributed to holders of your NFTs and token + the access to events and networking it will bring.

Future of NFTS

As the Metaverse and the world of cryptocurrencies gain popularity, Camel Coin want to bring your creative skills to this brave new world. They created Twin Realms Studio with the belief that entertainment and creative outlets exist in both the virtual and physical worlds, and they’ve built the team to conquer them both. While your team has contributed to other NFT projects, Camel Coin is your first token release and the culmination of your experience.

With over 700 projects under their belt, they couldn’t ask for a better technical partner on the project than Metacrypt. They’ll be helping with all aspects of token creation and the behind-the-scenes work supporting the Camel Coin and Camel Clans collection. Pixarts offers AAA-level graphic design and animation services for the video game industry and is now contributing design and art talent to your projects.

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