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What Is Smart Music (MUSIC)? Complete Guide Review About Smart Music.

What Is Smart Music (MUSIC)?

The disruption what The technology comes providing at theworld From Business in these last 10 years old It’s, without doubts, a March in changes paradigms in how design, run and win per intermediate in new models in Business. if let’s analyze what since The decade in 60, When Gordon earle Moore, then president of Intel, prophesied that technology implemented Smart Music computers it would have a upgrade in 100% in your performance. The each 18 months and what this would bring several benefits.

The all what had access at new technologies developed, Establishing per quite of this thought The concept gives famous Law in Moore what would impact directly The style in life of people and, The world From Business, more several branches and activities, they will arrive The conclusion what you advances technological no stop and in form direct or indirect are inserted in that context.

Smart Music Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSmart Music
Short NameMUSIC
Circulating Supply11,000,000.00 MUSIC
Total Supply20,000,000
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Smart Music intended to develop a block chain to work on the transfers from the application to the web but it would be very slow so changed to use the bsc blockchain using the BEP-721 protocol to keep the nfts in the application and web I will give an example of how the application is working user listens to a song the music token is generated where you can withdraw at the moment they can only release the web application for security soon they will release the smartphone application.

Features of web app and smartphone aplication

A brief example of how the entire security ecosystem will work to avoid hackers in the web application all this is based on the user how are you going to earn from it? simple let’s put random songs for you to listen and win the music tokens the operation is very simple but very well structured I intend to enable all operation soon after the launch of the token in pinksale and within a few weeks the application for android / ios When changing the administration and mining privileges of other users, an additional and introduced restriction, in which a minimum proportion of existing administrators must vote to make a change.

These votes are recorded by each administrator in a separate transaction, with the change applied when a sufficient consensus is reached. The first blocks of a chain define a “configuration phase”, in which a single administrator can work around this voting process. All system records are performed on the blockchain, which most generates reliability, security and transparency. Smart Music are the great differentials of MUSIC, state-of-the-art technology, ease of access, development of new artists, security, reliability and transparency end-to-end.


Smart Music uses the same BSC protocol (bsc algorithm) for blockchain transaction and architecture, with changes only to the handshaking process when two nodes initially connect. All other features are implemented using metadata and modifications to validation rules for transactions and locks. SMART has an empty block configuration, which is configured for 10 blocks, that is, after 10 blocks where there is no transaction, SMART enters in shape would park, not generating new blocks until there is a transaction, this is a way to save disk space.


There are some exciting features of blockchain, but among them “immutability” is undoubtedly one of the main features of blockchain technology. But why can’t this technology be corrupted? Let’s start witha connection block chain with immutability. Immutability means something that cannot be changed or changed. This is one of the features of blockchain that helps ensure that technology stays as it is – a permanent and unalterable network. Blockchain technology works slightly differently from the typical banking system. Instead of relying on centralized authorities, it secures blockchain resources through a collection of nodes. All system nodes have a copy of the digital record of the entire network.

Smart Music add a transaction, every node needs to verify its validity. If most think it is valid, it will be added to the registry. This promotes transparency and combating corruption. Therefore, without the consent of most nodes, no one can add transaction blocks to the registry. Another fact, which backs up blockchain resources, is that once the transaction blocks are added to the registry, no one can simply go back and change it. Thus, any user on the network will not be able to edit, delete, or update it.

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