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Skcs (SKCS) Coin Guide & Detailed Review

About Skcs

Skcs is a liquidity staking protocol for KCS on KCC. Users can stake KCS into sKC and receive. This can be used to participate in other DeFi products to obtain higher returns or unstake back to KCS at any time.​ The total number of KCS in the sKC contract that belongs to all users but has not been pledged to KCC Staking (because KCC Staking requires an integer number of KCS, those KCS that cannot be pledged to KCC Staking, such as 0.5, will be temporarily placed in the buffer). As a non-custodial liquid staking solution on the KCC, sKC holders can participate in the development of the KCC, making KCC more secure. sKC can be considered as a staking certificate, which can be exchanged for KCS without risk. As time grows, the exchange ratio of sKC KCS will be higher and higher.

Skcs Basic Points Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSkcs
Short NameSKCS
Circulating Supply9,107.00 SKCS
Total Supply100,000,000
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This is the first liquidity-staking protocol on KCC, dedicated to providing users with a simple and easy-to-use DeFi product with stable returns.​ ​As an underlying asset protocol on KCC, sKC would like to help users experience the composability of DeFi protocols in one click. Apart from the juicy yields that can offer, it is also expected to become the next highly-recognized asset on KCC to build the whole ecosystem on-chain and promote the flow of asset value.​ ​The smart contract of sKC has been audited. It will keep decentralized and distribute returns to KCS holders over time.​

How does work?

When users staked KCS with sKCS, they can receive a certain percentage of sKC representing the stake, and the balance of sKC can earn income and lending rewards in DeFi like KCS. This has no minimum deposit limit. Stake KCS and get sKC. The staking rate depends on the prevailing rate. When unstaking Burn sKCS and get KCS back. The sKC contract will complete this operation within 3-6 days of unstaking. After users’ withdrawal, they can exchange a certain percentage of KCS back. Everything is transparent. After applying for unstake, the amount will be shown in ‘Pending Amount’ and you can withdraw KCS once the mount goes to ‘Available Withdraw Amount‘.

How can users benefit from

The token is the same as the KCS token, and liquidity and pledge transactions can be added to the KCC ecosystem to obtain a higher APR. Take lending and DEX as examples to explain how to earn higher yields. With a multisig tool, one signature from one wallet is not enough; you need multiple signatures from different private keys, distributed across multiple parties and often on multiple continents. In order to validate any decision, a majority of the members will have to sign with their private keys. As the first liquid pledge project on the KCC chain, they will certainly provide a more secure financial environment while assisting in the construction of the KCC ecosystem. Therefore, they were audited.

How to Stake KCS

Click the button on the Staking page or Home, select, enter the amount, then click the button below the input box to stake. You don’t need to claim your rewards. Your sKC holdings allow you to withdraw more KCS when you unstake. The timeline is entirely dependent on the staking agreement. Everything is transparent. After applying to cancel the pledge, the amount will be displayed in “Pending Amount”, and once it is displayed in “Available Withdrawal Amount”, you can withdraw the KCS. This is a liquid staking token. You get when you stake KCS in the contract. This tokens are minted upon deposit and burned upon redemption. They act as receipts, allowing you to exchange them later for your staking KCS and staking rewards.

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