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What Is Lava Financial (LAVA)? Complete Guide Review About Lava Financial.

What Is Lava Financial (LAVA)?

Over the last few months Lava Financial seen countless node and DAO/rebase protocols fail. They seen high yield, fly by night projects that shoot to the moon and then flatline they’ve seen enormous treasuries that fail to invest to their full potential and die a slow death due to inflation and an unsustainable model. After the failures that have been observed in this space, teams are rushing to find the balance between high yield and long term sustainability. They want to have a place where you can park your capital and be confident that you will have steady, sustainable income for years to come. They’ve analyzed the failures of previous models and are now proud to introduce the first self sustaining, long term passive income protocol.

The information explained in this whitepaper does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of this whitepapers’ details as such. Lava Financial can not guarantee any returns or price action, which can be subject to the overall market movements. This material does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs and is not intended as recommendations appropriate for you. Do conduct your own due diligence and invest wisely.

Lava Financial Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameLava Financial
Short NameLAVA
Circulating Supply740,000.00 LAVA
Total Supply10,000,000
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Lava Financial Team

Treasury Growth via $LAVA Token

Lava Financial is a pseudo crowd-funded VC token that allows Financial to grow its treasury. The funds generated will be put to work generating yield for the treasury and the investors. In the time leading up to the transition to Phase 2, the team will be utilizing numerous investment strategies and methods of revenue generation. During this time, the team may elect to distribute USDC.e to node holders as an initial means of revenue share.

Once the treasury has been built to a substantial amount, your innovative Lava Financial contract will be implemented. This will allow users to claim a percentage of their rewards in $nLAVA tokens, which are redeemable for a portion of the treasury’s return on investments. Node payouts in $nLAVA will start small, but as the treasury grows so will the percentage of $nLAVA paid out. This $LAVA/$nLAVA ratio will fluctuate throughout Phase 2, with the goal being 100% $nLAVA rewards.

Complete Self Sustainability

  • The protocol will now be able to support ~100% nLAVA payouts and will be fully selfsustainable with income generated via sister projects, treasury farming, healthy taxes, angel investments and royalties.
  • The Lava Financial token would only be used for node purchases and supplemental node rewards during times of contraction.

Node Minting

Users can mint a node using $USDC.e or $LAVA-$USDC.e LP tokens, with additional options being added over time such as $WAVAX, $wETH, $wBTC etc. There will be a greater incentive to bond using LP tokens immediately after launch. These rates will be fully adjustable as they see fit, to best sustain the protocol.

Flexible Nodes

For users who aren’t able to purchase an entire node, Lava Financial will offer flexible nodes which will have a minimum deposit of 1 $LAVA and will earn rewards at a rate of 0.5% daily. One of the unique elements of Lava’s Flexible Nodes is that users can continue to deposit and work their way up and compound into a full node. This means that smaller wallets will be able to participate for a minimal upfront cost and compound their way to a larger wallet. Users with full nodes will be able to deposit rewards into their Flexible Node and earn compounding rewards on their existing rewards.

Node Fusion

One element of other node projects they weren’t happy with was how a user is stuck with whatever node they purchase, with no upgrade path. Lava Financial users will be able to compound their way up to the highest node tier by a process they call node fusion. For example, combine two Fuji nodes into one Krakatoa, netting you a higher daily percentage yield permanently, for only a small Fusion Fee. This gives users with any wallet size something to work toward, providing more flexibility to the protocol as a whole. Node Fusion won’t be available at all times and will be turned on at your discretion, for the health of the protocol.


Lava Financial Roadmap
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