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What Is Aeterna (AETERNA)? Complete Guide Review About Aeterna.

What Is Aeterna (AETERNA)?

Aeterna wish to inform your readers that nothing in this white paper is to be taken as an attempt to influence any of its readers to invest in any cryptocurrencies, including itself. This white paper has been written in order to provide you with information about the project only. Please understand that any possible investments in cryptocurrencies should be considered risky due to the immense volatility traditionally seen in most crypto currencies. Should you choose to invest in Aeterna, you agree to accept full responsibility for your own investment, acknowledging that crypto is highly volatile and that price action cannot be determined by the team.

You also agree that the team is not in any way responsible for your own investment. They acknowledge that building a vast and ever-expanding ecosystem requires dedicated experts and a large support staff. To this end, they will be looking to hire more experts in all fields of expertise, whenever it is deemed necessary. For example, they will be onboarding expert marketing agencies, graphic designers, web designers, D’App integration experts and others who are highly experienced in their specific areas, to ensure maximal growth.

Aeterna will also put heavy emphasis on sustainability, transparency, safety and ease of use in everything do, as they feel that in its current state, the DeFi world is sorely lacking in all of these. To put it shortly is here to stay, aiming to grow exponentially and indefinitely with the goal of providing your investors with passive income generation and multiple use cases.

Aeterna Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAeterna
Circulating Supply441,973.00 AETERNA
Total Supply445,602
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Aeterna Team

Transparency and Security

To truly achieve exponential growth and long-term stabilty, Aeterna will not only need a capable, ever-expanding team of experts and assistants, but also something far more important – a community that trusts the project and supports its goals and aims. To achieve this, must strive to be as transparent and secure as possible, which is why they’ve decided to have your contracts audited by the best of the best. They have also gone through extensive KYC protocols with – yes, you guessed it – the best of the best. They feel this is in line with your core principles.

Vision and Expansion

If you’ve been in the DeFi world for some time, you will have noticed the rapid pace at which new systems and innovations are being created. In fact, science and technology has seen exponential growth in all areas of your life within the past few decades. They wish to be a forefront of this growth and innovation. Your expansion will not be recklessly fast, but rather a well-controlled and clearly co-ordinated team effort, focusing on quality marketing and use cases, with sustainability at the forefront.


Now as more and more people adopt cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology builds up its infrastructure to support the demand and drive for data, they see a new future on the horizon – a future where passive income generation, open markets and safe and fruitful investments are available and easily accessible to everyone. A future free of stress and worry when it comes to crypto trading – a safe space to buy, hold, and earn, while wathching your investment grow.

The Tokenomics

Aeterna feel that holding your assets should be rewarded on a daily basis, which is why offer a handsome 200,000% APY for just holding, without any need to stake or lock your tokens. With this rebase mechanism, your token amount will automatically increase in your wallet every 15 minutes without you having to lift a finger. As they have stated before, sustainability is at the forefront of your project. How then, you may ask, can provide investors with a 200,000% rebasing APY? This is where both your D.A.P.Y protocol (Dynamic APY) and your innovative utilities come into play.

Global Marketing

As per Aeterna goal of sustainable expansion, the Aeterna team will conduct extensive and heavy digital marketing, particularly on the platforms where engagement with your content is highest, which could include emerging regions and potentially untapped markets. Naturally will also be targeting well-known crypto marketing platforms, as stated in your roadmap. This multifaceted approach to marketing will allow to expand beyond that of the average crypto currencies, bringing your utilities and the potential for lucrative investments to a larger, ever expanding audience.

Utility Hub

The Aeternative Creation and Utility Hub (A.C.U.H.) is the ecosystem’s community-focused vessel. Through this hub, they will offer different facilities that will support learning and guidance to your investors – new and old alike. Below are just some of your Hub’s utilities. The DeFi tools are a collection of easy-touse tools designed to make trading easier and more lucrative. As safety is of utmost importance, they will also be providing escrow services to contractors and contractees alike.

In accordance with your goals and aims of expansion and sustainability, they will create your own launchpad (AeternaPad Platform or A.P.P) with two separate categories; one for meme tokens and one for true use case projects. In addition, your launchpad will feature only projects that are fully audited and KYC’d and will have several in-built utilities and features, which they feel is in accordance with your core values of safety and trustworthiness.


Aeterna Roadmap
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