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What Is AGGREG8 FINANCE (AG8)? Complete Guide Review About AGGREG8 FINANCE.


AGGREG8 FINANCE is a protocol on the Binance Smart Chain that uses Yield Farming along with Lending & Auto-compounding strategies to maximize and rebalance funds across pools to maximize APY returns. The protocol itself is managed in a decentralized manner and will be maintained by a collective of developers and governed by $AG8 holders that will put proposals forward to improve the strategies, vaults and interface.

The pools work by generating yield from staking a range of coins in the market and base the returns on the highest % returns available at the time. They benefit users by allowing for a single point of allocation of funds and utilize on gas costs due to only having to stake & un-stake through one channel. Your protocol finds the most lucrative opportunities available and auto-allocates the funds accordingly with relation to the returns available.

AGGREG8 FINANCE Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameAG8
Circulating Supply839,200,000.00 AG8
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Farms are made up of liquidity pools of protocols that run on AMM’s and allow for yield to be generated by liquidity providers where the depositor gets a %age of the transactions that go through the pool in a similar manner to interest that banks provide for you to keep your money in them. AGGREG8 FINANCE protocol constantly scans farms on BSC and finds the most profitable opportunities available to allocate funds to. The Aggreg8 protocol rates, and allocates funds and distributes them across your preferance of risk to reward ratio based on your preferances.

Stable Coin Farms

Stable coin farms have been gaining popularity in the last few years and decentralised stable coins in particular are becoming a great alternative to hedge funds and pose as a great alternative to traditional currencies that are prone to inflation. Stable coin farms & strategies by the likes of abracadabra & Curve DAO offer high low risk returns of 20% + APY. They will be sharing & utilizing similar strategies and avenues as these protocols to yield safe return. Your protocol offers allocations across 10+ low-risk farms for peace of mind and high and safe returns for scenarios like bear markets where traditional farms can be a risky gamble.

Auto-compounding Vaults

Auto compounding vaults are vaults that re-stake your rewards into pools or farms as they grow to increase the yield generated due to re-staking more of the underlying asset which in turn = more asset in pool/farm to gain yield from. AGGREG8 FINANCE smart algorithms check for historical data and if any, lock up periods to make the most informed decisions for auto compounding strategies while maximizing yield.


AGGREG8 FINANCE rebalancing works by scanning for opportunities in the market and auto reallocating funds across most profitable pools and farms while taking into consideration market conditions and %age yields. By realigning the weight of portfolio assets with the changing market, conditions and newly arisen opportunities while taking into account dropping yields due to more people entering certain farms your algorithms are able to provide and implement the best strategies to max out returns automatically in any market conditions.

Oracle Data feeds

Oracles are data feeds from external systems that feed information into blockchain’s that smart contracts need to execute certain functions such as price feeds. The AGGREG8 FINANCE protocol will rely heavily on data from many blockchain’s to be able to accurately predict returns and to spot arising opportunities in the market in addition to spotting exit and reallocation of capital. Aggreg8 will be using aspects of the Chainlink oracle system along with the Ducatur matching oracle framework for the functioning of the protocol.

Protocol Mechanics

The following diagram outlines the mechanics of the protocol along with the major components and such as funds allocation across pools and farms, data feeds from oracles, algorithm functioning and rebalancing and auto-compounding vaults to illustrate the visual flow of events. The protocol will entail an oracle plugged into 8 different blockchain’s that will aggregate data feeds from pools and farms across them and will have a multi-chain bridge to facilitate a gas efficient layer solution for the underlying avenues to be entered and exited in an efficient manner. This connection will be the largest interconnected network currently seen in the space and will provide a larger selection of yield opportunities than ever seen before by any other protocol.

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