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What Is METAZONX (ZONX)? Complete Guide Review About METAZONX.


METAZONX are bringing you to the world of Metazonx. This is a community-driven metaverse where everyone can enjoy gaming on the blockchain while investing in NFTs. You can now own NFTs in coins and harvest rewards simultaneously. Yes, you heard it right! Simply Own, Build, and then Harvest. They applies blockchain technology to reward landlords (referred to as users”) for their engagement. As long as you own the land, you get a chance to harvest rewards.

Landlords have to build up properties and place avatars on their lands to harvest more rewards. Also, the reward distribution depends on how landlords customise their lands. There will be more possibilities to unlock in the future! Perhaps landlords will be able to create properties and avatars on their own. They always leave your doors open and let the community decide for themselves.

METAZONX Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameZONX
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Own Your Lands

Start your earnings by owning Land in METAZONX. There are 5 tiers of 3 x 3 grid land ranging from Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Epic, and Legendary, with 5 to 9 plots, respectively. It is also designed with 4 different scenery of desert, snow land, grassland and metropolis, hence making up a total of 20 different types of land design. A total of 10,000 land mystery boxes will be released in 2 parts 1,000 boxes for presale and 9,000 boxes for public mint.

Whitelisted users can buy these mystery boxes at 1 BNB each, limited to 1 land per user, while the public can mint the remaining boxes at 2 BNB each, limited to 10 lands per user. Your land tier is the key metric for harvesting the one-time reward. For instance, a landlord with Legendary Land can harvest 300 $ZONX daily.

Build Your Properties

Other than land design, NFT rarity also depends on the Properties built on your land. Landlords can build 1-of-1 properties with different traits, categorised as Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Epic or Legendary tier. Every property on land represents an NFT to attract an ongoing reward stream. Higher tier properties can help you generate higher rewards. So, just mint any of the 66,500 unique properties such as landmarks, buildings and landscapes to boost the value of your land! Those exclusive properties will be released seasonally.

Harvest with Avatars

There are 10,000 unique Avatars to be released in METAZONX. Landlords can raise the value of their lands through the purchase of avatars. These 1-of-1 avatars act as a booster for landlords to harvest more rewards. It gives you an extra reward rate, but only 1 avatar can be placed on land at a time. Additionally, avatars play a significant role as a user’s identity marker and their NFT wallet’s profile picture.


METAZONX is an essential part of the METAZONX metaverse, working to establish key mechanisms that are intrinsically linked to the metaverse platform and its “Own-to-Earn” (O2E) value. $ZONX is a BEP-20 utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain that serves as the basis for transactions within METAZONX metaverse, including METAZONX, METABANK and META ENTERTAINMENT, with the following features:

Access – Users spend $ZONX to own NFT land and harvest $ZONX by becoming the landlord in METAZONX! Landlords spend $ZONX to acquire properties and avatars, and through Staking. Land sales drive the demand for $ZONX to purchase more NFTs for land decoration.

Staking – Users can stake $ZONX in METABANK, which generate passive revenue of the tokenomics. Landlords get more $ZONX by decorating their lands with properties and avatars. This is also the only way to create an ongoing income stream.

Expenditure – $ZONX acts as a settlement unit for METABANK and META ENTERTAINMENT’s transaction fees. It also is used as the medium of exchange within the marketplace.

Governance – $ZONX is a governance token that allows holders to participate in deciding the platform’s future, using the DAO structure. They can exercise voting rights on key elements such as attribution of content and NFT creators granted by the foundation, and feature prioritization on the platform roadmap. $ZONX owners can vote themselves or delegate voting rights to other supernodes of their choice.

Token Metrics

METAZONX is created using Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Smart Contract. It is pre-mined with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 $ZONX. $ZONX is the native token of the protocol and generates synthetic units – which are pegged to the demand of the METAZONX metaverse ecosystem. Binance Smart Chain is optimized for ultra-fast transaction speed and crossed-chain compatibility. It enhances $ZONX scalability and reliability as a settlement unit.


$ZONX are long-term deflationary, with 2 best mechanisms that are well proof in the market Proof of Staking and Proof of Burn. Staking emissions have a hard cap and are continuing to decrease, while the burn is permanent and continuing to increase, and they will burn quite a lot of tokens; A significant portion of protocol fees go towards token burn Revenue and NFT sales. So as the METAZONX metaverse continues growing, more $ZONX will be burnt, leading to the value of each remaining $ZONX rising continuously and permanently.

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