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What Is SincereDogeDAO (SDAO) ? Complete Guide Review About SincereDogeDAO

What Is SincereDogeDAO(SDAO) ?

SincereDogeDAO is an Investment DAO based on Finance Smart Chain. Invest through staking, proposing and voting by members of the community, and distribute the proceeds to stakers. is “”x”DAO”, which is the first (“meme doge coin” x “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”) Investment DAO on BSC.

SincereDogeDAO The blue flag in the logo symbolizes freedom and democracy. has a strong community foundation, and community members always maintain a positive and sincere attitude, which is also an important prerequisite for the development of SincereDogeDAO.

SincereDogeDAO(SDAO)Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSincereDogeDAO
Short Name(SDAO)
Circulating Supply100,000,000.00 SDAO
Max Supply100,000,000
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Why choose to develop SincereDogeDAO on BSC?

SincereDogeDAO DAOs are one of the components of the huge Web3 network, and also the most characteristic organization. Most DAOs are based on Ethereum, and chooses to develop on BSC is different and at the forefront of Web3.

What are the advantages of SincereDogeDAO?

  • Inclusive – Anyone from anywhere in the world can join and participate.
  • Democracy – All decisions may be made by the community.
  • Transparency – Every transaction going in and out of the SincereDogeDAO is public.
  • Permissionless – DAOs are not regulated and not subject to government sanctions.


SincereDogeDAO is the most important component of the Sincere Doge Ecosystem. The means based on community autonomy can better assist the operation of the Sincere Doge Ecosystem. Earn rewards by assisting community members to invest through smart contracts, and each investment is clearly visible.

SincereDogeDAO The development of the ecosystem needs to be in line with the spirit and development trend of the current encryption world. That is, any track based on blockchain technology and with development prospects may be absorbed by the SincereDoge ecosystem.


SincereDogeDAO Transaction fees are used to fill the Treasury. For every 40 BNB of $SDAO raised, 5 BNB worth of $SDAO burned, 5 BNB worth of $SDoge burned, and 30 BNB goes to the investee protocol or reward distribution. Everything will be done under the work of smart contracts. 70% of the profits earned through investment will be distributed to investors proportionally, and 30% will be used to burn $SDAO.

SincereDogeDAO $SDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization token on Binance Smart Chain for staking, investment and profit redistribution. $SDAO is available to buy on SincereDogeSwap or PancakeSwap.


SincereDogeDAO dSDAO is just the “proof of stake token” for $SDAO. When you stake your $SDAO into the DAO, you are given dSDAO, this can be swapped back at any time into the amount of $SDAO you staked originally, plus any rewards that were given to the DAO in the time period you owned dSDAO. is non-transferrable, and cannot be obtained by any means other than staking $SDAO. You can see your balance in your wallet by adding the dSDAO contract address.


If you want to join the DAO then you need to do 5 easy operations:

  1. 1.Buy $SDAO. $SDAO is available to buy on SincereDogeSwap ( or PancakeSwap.
  2. 2.Stake $SDAO to get dSDAO.Staking
  3. 3.Top 20 dSDAO holders make proposals.Proposals
  4. 4.Vote.Vote
  5. 5.Claim the rewards.Rewards

Why Stake $SDAO?

Staking SDAO is the basis of the whole protocol. The top stakers (holders of dSDAO) are The Guardians, who are able to submit proposals, either for their own projects, or on behalf of others. When a proposal for a project is successful, 30% of investment profits will buyback $SDAO and burn, 70% of investment profits will be distributed to stakers of $SDAO. The more active the Guardians are, and the more engaged the community are with voting good proposals through, the more rewards end up sent to stakers, and returns are higher.

How to Stake $SDAO?

Staking $SDAO is a simple process. Navigate to the “Stake $SDAO” page on the SincereDogeDAO App ( From here, enter the amount of $SDAO you wish to stake, Approve the transaction, and then complete the Deposit transaction. You will then see you have a balance in dSDAO instead of $SDAO.