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What Is Adroverse (ADR) ? Complete Guide Review About Adroverse

What Is Adroverse (ADR) ?

Adroverse Universe in the 3000s, galaxy collapsed! All the planets with life in the galaxy have experienced catastrophic destruction. There are only a handful of survivors left on the space rescue stations scattered throughout the universe. – The Metaverse of Heroes is a series of mobile games and applications that simulates the evolution of the galaxy after the catastrophe.

Adroverse Joining metaverse, players take the role of 31st century doomsday survivors, having to fight for the survival of themselves and their fellows, and at the same time, conduct financial and economical operations to build their own space cities, in order to conquer the great universe again Throughout the metaverse’s many evolutionary eras, players will be led through a variety of compelling scenarios with stage-specific focuses.

Adroverse (ADR) Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAdroverse
Short Name(ADR)
Circulating Supply31,416,667.00 ADR
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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Battle Arena

Adroverse Battle Arena (ABA) is a multiplayer mobile simulation game implemented in a turn-based strategy CCG (Collectible Card Game) type.

BUILD your army!

COMPLETE your tasks!


Approvers Arena

Adroverse Your goal is to build a big and beautiful space city and compete with other in Adroverse economical arena.

BUILD your space city!

PROTECT your city from attacks!

COMPETE with other in a monopoly arena

Galaxy United

Adroverse Play more MMO realtime NFT simulation games with VR & AR technology and experience many more socializing & monetizing features.

FORM your alliance!

BATTLE and CONQUER together!

Play To Earn

Short Term Farming

Staking & Contributing

Creating Content

Trading & Investing

Attractive Incentive

Free NFT Reward

Free ADR Reward

Retroactive Gacha & Airdrop

Building Army & City

Training & Tasks

Battling & Competing

Renting Army & Asset

NFT 2.0

Adroverse In , NFTs can provide much much more than just some records of ownership for in-game items. We design and implement a robust interactive NFT system to make NFTs become more interoperable, rich editable states, and evolvable. Interactive NFT will fuel the next generation of NFTs, and are proud to be pioneers in this emerging new wave.


Adroverse Battle Arena (ABA): Gladiator Arena mode is the first mode game in the Adroverse metaverse. In general, Gladiator Arena 2D mode is a PvP (Player versus Player) version. Players establish a set of 6 gladiator cards in a team and compete against the opponent’s deck.

Adroverse Gladiator Arena builds 3 roles for gladiator cards which are Casters, Protector, Fighter. Each role is indicated in a frame with a different color and deals double damage to each other. The strategic player will be the one who knows how to use the character’s core characteristics to counter opponents in the same line.

Uniquely Adroverse: SSS ROI

Adroverse metaverse has a rich and diverse economic design with unique triple-S ROI mechanisms. SSS ROI stands for: Sustainable ROI – Super ROI – Smart ROI. Let’s learn about these unique SSS ROI mechanisms:

  • Sustainable ROI: An average player with a 50/50 win-loss ratio, can get a return on investment in less than 2 months! 60-70% win rate will bring a very high and sustainable ROI.
  • Super ROI: Actively participate in farming and staking campaigns of NFT and tokens for passive earning, with a little luck, players can have the super rate of ROI.
  • Smart ROI: In Adroverse there are many ways to earn tokens including Active Earning, and Passive Earning. A smart combination of earning methods will help players get the best rate of ROI.

Adroverse is building a uniquely rich and diversified economy with sustainable returns on investment mechanisms. So, SSS ROI will aid Adroverse in reaffirming its credibility and ensuring its long-term development in the market for players.

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What Is Adroverse (ADR) ? Complete Guide Review About  Adroverse