What Is Nodestats (NS)? Complete Guide Review About Nodestats.

What Is Nodestats (NS)?

What Is Nodestats (NS)?

When many people start investing in Nodestats coins, they almost always only look at the ROI and the cost of the specific coin. NodeStats will give the users this information in an easy way, and will tell them how far the current coin has come in financial development so they can decide to invest with speculation/short term in mind, or if they need to read further on the project and decide if they want to do a long-term investment.

There are a lot of sites almost doing the same, like Masternodes.online and many more. I (the founder) found that these sites are heavy to navigate, and you never have the important information gathered in one place. It is my vision that Node Stats will give the users exactly what they need in one place, not being the next MNO site. The way Node Stats is aiming for this is to let the user have a saying in almost everything on the site via its own community server.

They will be introduced to a constant flow of voting via the voting system, where every vote will cost a small amount of NS (NodeStat coins) and the votings can be about new coin listings as well as new features and information on the coin specific pages or even features on the entire website.

Nodestats Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNodestats
Short NameNS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply21,000,000
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The advantage of using NS

Nodestats will be about just as much as a website, as it will be a community. Every contact will be with the community in an open manner, and you will always be able to make contact with the coin developer. The main advantage of the coin will be, that you can use NS to have a saying in what is going on at Node Stats by using your coins in the voting system. So, if you like to participate and be heard, then you will have the chance for that with Node Stats.

The voting system

The voting system will be done via the blockchain. Nodestats will present the different voting options along with an NS deposit address for each voting option on the website, and promote them on the social medias and in the communities. Then everyone can follow the voting by the explorer, and see that no one is cheating.

What is a Masternode?

The high investment limit prevents monopolization and centralization, such as through pool mining. A masternode is a server within a decentralized network. Masternodes are to bring more security and scalability to the network through additional functions. Therefore, it should be emphasized that a master node can perform the following tasks that a node (nodes) cannot perform, such as:

• The processing of anonymous and confidential transactions
• Instant Transactions
• Monitor the network itself (example hyper nodes)
• To have voting rights and to be able to exercise them

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