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What Is HyperRun (HYPERR)? Complete Guide Review About HyperRun.

What Is HyperRun (HYPERR)?

HyperRun every day will only bring you health, but when you run and combine with using your app you can earn money and also track your run time every day. With the Run to Earn mechanism, you will have more goals to run every day. Hyper will integrate running and walking in the same NFT so you can easily make money from being physically active.

Step NFT will be a booster NFT to be combined with Run NFT in order to add benefit when you combine running and walking at the same time. Step NFT will calculate your steps, when reaching 6000 steps in 24 hours you will randomly receive Drink NFT, $HyperR. Run NFT and Step NFT can be used at the same time.

Drink NFT will be the energy for you to maintain your fitness and also help you achieve your goals for the day. When exercising for a long time, you will need to replenish water to be able to continue running. HyperRun application will notify you that you need to replenish your water and pause the use of Step NFT and Run NFT to replenish water for your body.

HyperRun Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHyperRun
Short NameHYPERR
Circulating Supply1.00B HYPERR
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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In real life, when want to run or walk, just need a pair of shoes that are suitable for, which is the RUN NFT. They can’t wear shoes with bare feet because when jogging it will hurt your feet, that’s why you need a pair of socks and that’s the Step NFT. The Step NFT price is much cheaper than a pair of shoes but bring a lot of benefits for you.

In your body water accounts for up to 70% when you run or walk for a long time you will need to replenish water to help your body stay healthy and get high efficiency in training that is the Drink NFT – reminding you to replenish water for your body. That’s the reality when you practice you need all three of the above. HyperRun want to bring maximum profit and health to investors.

How To Do Work?

Based on HyperRun incentive mechanism, the project team needs to decide some details about the UniV3 liquidity mining program, such as incentivization price range, program duration and amount of incentive tokens. If you have any questions about those parameters, feel free to reach out to the team, and they will provide suggestions based on the project’s situation.

Then the project team needs to fill out the izumi incentive pool application form, which requires more information. Once sent, a team member of izumi will contact you to confirm the details, address any questions and initiate the onboarding process.

After the onboarding process is complete, users will be able to provide liquidity on Uniswap V3 and stake the LP NFT directly on izumi main website, in a pool dedicated to your project. Those liquidity providers will earn rewards of your project tokens and additional tokens. The detailed instructions please read.

The Company Backgrounds

Bond Farming is the latest paradigm of on-chain financial derivatives innovation presented by HyperRun Finance based on the team’s deep understanding of traditional finance and focused research in the DeFi industry. As a bond issued by Finance for on-chain financing, it combines not only the model of convertible bonds issued by companies in traditional finance but also the model of on-chain over-collateralized stablecoins. Finance issues bond certificates in the form of iUSD, a USD stablecoin, for institutions providing on-chain funds.

In the traditional financial industry, a convertible bond is a type of bond that can be converted into shares of the bond-issuing company, usually at a lower coupon rate. Essentially, a convertible bond is an option added to a corporate bond issue that allows the purchasers to convert the purchased bond into the stock of a specified company within a specified time period.


HyperRun Roadmap
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