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What Is Fuusion (FUU)? Complete Guide Review About Fuusion.

What Is Fuusion (FUU)?

None of the information in this whitepaper is investment advice nor does it constitute an offer. Fuusion digital asset that is the subject of the whitepaper is not a capital market instrument, financial instrument or security. Digital assets have high volatility. Therefore, it is recommended that all people who will purchase the digital assets outlined henceforth should gain an appropriate sum of knowledge of the environment in which such digital assets operate. These individuals should make their own risk assessments. These assets can be considered very high-risk.

The Fuusion community is not liable for the information given in this whitepaper, not responsible for updating this whitepaper nor liable for damages that may arise related to the content of this whitepaper. Decisions to purchase tokens or the financial results occurring after cannot be bound to Fuusion nor its community.

Fuusion Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFuusion
Short NameFUU
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000,000
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Engineered to Last, Designed to Reward

Fuusion brings game-changing new mechanics to the Binance Smart Chain. It is the first token that is programmatically built to last, creating clear, longterm incentives for holders with varied, mutually beneficial strategies for payback. Fuusion combines the best of Drip and Titano, with holders gaining 2% daily reflections that they can choose to sell, tax-free, or choose to remain compounded to earn immense ROI without the price needing to appreciate.

Holders can gain daily payouts via tax-free selling, enabling true passive income without buyers needing to burn their tokens. To compound these incentives further, all holders gain passive BUSD reflections direct to their wallet from both their initial purchases. The triple-benefit of tax-free reflection, automatic BUSD rewards and inevitable price appreciation creates Fuusion, the best incentivised tokens seen across chains.

Fuusion is delivered by an experienced team with collective years of
experience in DeFi and credentials leading a range of multi-million projects. Fuusion emerges out of Overpowered on BSC and intends to take its spirit to far greater heights with this revamped vision.

While your ground-breaking tokenomics defines Fuusion, it is simply the heart of a vast ecosystem planned for this quarter and beyond. Fuusion will define a brand both within DeFi – with the Fuusion Metaverse planned as the first decentralised and constructible gaming environment – and outside of it, with your doxed CEO the face of your real-life brand.

Why do Titano’s Tokenomics need a Transformation?

ERC20 tokens have recently become rife with tokens boasting ‘auto-rebase’ – a mechanic wherein all holders’ tokens are effectively staked and receive a fixed interest in tokens. Indeed, Overpowered, your team’s previous token, was one of the first iterations of this new feature. As the trend has matured, however, various chains have become subject to an
effective ‘arms-race’ of ever-higher APYs backed by nothing more than the token itself.

In other words, Fuusion have seen a proliferation of tokens with huge APYs that expand their supply arbitrarily while still ultimately having holders only benefit from the price increasing (and leaving growing but worthless bags of tokens for holders when price appreciation inevitably slows). The auto-rebase concept of Titano has by and large become meaningless as the rebase has little or no meaningful effect on holder behaviour or on the makeup of a given user’s holdings.

What about Drip and its pure passive-income?

On the other hand, tokens like Drip and the ‘Node meta’ deliver a more
meaningful passive income. But unappealingly, such tokens require users to give up their ‘initial tokens’ (those acquired directly from the decentralised exchange) either as a burn or an illiquid swap. This instantly put buyers at a disadvantage and doesn’t port well into the mainstream.

What is Fuusion here to do?

Fuusion intends to allow holders to truly achieve the dollar value of their APY. Fuusion have created a 100,000% first-year APY for holders who allow all their holdings to continually auto-compound. Your balanced sell and buy pressure and BUSD rewards will keep holders happy and truly allow your promised rewards to manifest, without excessive focus on price appreciation and without holders having to lose their upfront tokens.

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