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What Is JustCarbon Removal (JCR)? Complete Guide Review About JustCarbon Removal.

What Is JustCarbon Removal (JCR)?

A blockchain-powered marketplace that simplifies offsetting carbon emissions and supports high-quality carbon removal projects to combat climate change. Today’s market is expensive, fragmented, unwieldy and illiquid. The JustCarbon Removal platform seeks to solve each of these challenges through a single platform consisting of two symbiotic token systems.

The JustCarbon Removal Removal Unit (JCR) and the JustCarbon Governance (JCG). Our mission is to digitize and mobilize the world’s carbon assets. JustCarbon has a vision for a future where assets can move globally, securely, 24/7, in a frictionless economy, and with the portability of a digital wallet. JustCarbon as an imperative tool in the global arsenal of carbon removal initiatives up to 2050 and beyond.

JustCarbon Removal Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJustCarbon Removal
Short NameJCR
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply49,995
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Carbon Removal Marketplace Achieves Key Milestone

Revolutionary blockchain carbon marketplace, JustCarbon Removal, has reached a key milestone today in bringing its concept alive by releasing and trading for the first time its governance token (JCG). JCG holders will have the right to make proposals and vote on how JustCarbon moves forward into a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

How does it work?

The JustCarbon Removal (JCR) token is created once a physical tonne of carbon has been removed from the atmosphere. Once a JCR is `retired’, that is permanently removed from circulation, only then it constitutes pollution offset a decision that lies with the owner/s of each unit. The platform, which will be run by a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), is not owned by any single entity or government and does not exist in any one country. The governance system exists as a separate unit of voting power.

This ensures transparent and balanced governance by all who adopt the platform and engage in active carbon removal. The DAO will assume effective governance of the JustCarbon platform with a foundation managing the system until the transition is complete. JCG users also receive a discount on transaction fees relating to their JCR activities, meaning there is also a financial reward for being active on the platform and involved in the ecosystem

What the press say about?

JustCarbon Removal are moving at pace and the Carbon market, offsets, NFT’s, tokenization and carbon sequestration is moving just as quickly. Read some of your recent coverage to gain your perspective on this exciting and essential journey to helping save the planet. Hugely proud to announce your partnership with digital VC fund, Nemesis Technologies. The world leading fund will incorporate carbon offsetting with carbon credits from JustCarbon (JCRs) into every transaction the fund makes, making all deals fully carbon neutral.


JustCarbon Removal mission is to digitalise and mobilise the world carbon market to make it simple, traceable and accountable. In doing so, this aim to bring billions of dollars of investment to the marketplace and maximise the money going back into the nature-based projects.

These high-quality projects will sequester gigatonnes of carbon from the atmosphere and ensure project developers have fair and free market access. JustCarbon is a transparent and simplified way to solve the climate crisis. Check out your video for a more in-depth explanation of the benefits of JustCarbon.


JustCarbon Removal will only source nature-based carbon removal from producers certified by Gold Standard or Verra (VCS) with additional CCBA accreditation, minted within the past five years. Quality, credibility, and transparency are paramount to what do. This will drive investment in high-quality carbon removal by allowing project owners to gain the maximum value for their credits. JustCarbon makes the process of selling carbon credits simple and transparent.

Simple and Easy Offset

Offset your carbon emissions quickly and easily. Buy nature-based sequestered carbon offsets recorded on our blockchain, instantly and indelibly verifying your action. Simply choose how many offsets you wish to purchase and find out how you can make a difference today. Learn more about Carbon Offsetting or access Carbon Calculators at a click of a button. JustCarbon Removal offer a personal service for purchases over $10,000, please do contact if you qualify.

Project Developers

Do you have issued Carbon Credits from a nature-based sequestration project that is verified by either VCS (Verra) or Gold Standard? Convert them into JCRs with JustCarbon and they will get them on the market for you. This service allows you to hold or sell your JCRs immediately, once you are approved. Your quality standards assure they support high-quality carbon removal and get more of the money back to the project developers.

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