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What Is C2X? (CTX) Complete Guide Review About c2x.

What Is C2x?

C2x Coin will be developed as a universal blockchain gaming platform to establish a fair and transparent ecosystem by clearly specifying the sovereignty of creators and users. C2X will be developed as a blockchain-based gaming platform with the purpose of establishing an ecosystem of virtuous cycles where both users and creators, as participating parties, are privileged.

C2x Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameC2x Coin
Short NameFRIN
Circulating Supply
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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The Vision

To create the ultimate blockchain gaming platform
where anyone can participate and enjoy by simply playing our games.


Anyone can participate in the ecosystem of the c2x Blockchain, by simply playing our games.


All players of our games will simultaneously become value creators, contributing to the C2X ecosystem.


Aiming to return the dedication of our fans, they are continuously making progress in facilitating the circulation of value.


The C2x Coin evolution of gaming originated from a variety of fun activities where players would gather together and contribute different ideas to win or progress towards a goal. Games were utilized as a competitive or cooperative tool within the community, and beyond just being a form of entertainment, created an economy that contributed back to itself. New organizations continually formed to pursue profit through gaming, which eventually developed into the industry that we see today.

People dedicated time and money to win competitions and achieve common goals within the games, and in return, earned collective knowledge and satisfaction. However, all of the profits from these activities were only going back to the group that developed these games.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain, a C2x distributed digital ledger sharing information to all participants, is a new technology developed to make the existing market of biased business models and unbalanced market economy clear and fair.

Blockchain technology has continued its development and growth and has now expanded into different business fields and general technologies of the overall society. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have emerged as
a solution to the unbalanced current game market.

Security and Invariability

NFTs within the C2x Coin ecosystem will be easy to tokenize or trade. The platform will use a Marketplace managed with blockchain technology and will provide the most transparent and safest transactions by using a distributed network. An NFT once created has a unique identifier which is distinguishable from any other item.


To remedy this issue, a group of game development suppliers organized in the name of “C2X Council” will make superior resolutions. They will protect the ecosystem by establishing the basic game ecosystem and user protection policies. Holders may cast their vote for a proposal that they desire to activate and implement.

Such a proposal may be implemented on the C2x ecosystem according to the voting results. The components of the Governance can be classified into two groups, the Council (a creator group in the ecosystem) and all participants:

C2X Tokens

By holding Tokens, the Governance Tokens of the platform, users will be able to exercise their rights on ecosystem operational matters through the distributed network voting system. In other words, anyone from anywhere may exercise their decision-making right in the Governance by holding Tokens. C2X Governance will operate under a system where all C2x Coin participants vote in active proposals.

At this point, the voting system may be abused by a decentralized organization for hostile takeover or natural domination before the ecosystem can be sufficiently active, and accordingly, it is possible that decisions are made that may contradict the mutual interests of the Governance.