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What Is AstroMoon(ATM) ? Complete Guide Review About AstroMoon

What Is AstroMoon(ATM) ?

AstroMoon team is excited to bring you Astromoon ($ATM), the new cryptocurrency created by a diverse group of well skilled individuals from around the Globe and well on it’s way to becoming the one of the top rated low cap meme coins. On expedition to the crown, will operate with integrity, transparency and respect for community. will host a variety of utilities that will recocgnize individuals notoriety and status on the blockchain. The standard meme coins is to focus solely on aggressive marketing pushes, cult mentality, and ofcourse; hype. They strike when the anvil is hot, and think about the use case later. They are more than just a typical meme coin.

Astromoon is a Hybrid bringing the community based aspect of meme coins and uniting that with real world utility through incubation background and massive circle of influence. This is evident in the branding Astromoon has achieved thus far within the NFT marketplace and it’s very own super cool set of NFTs, all shown in Gallery. There is no denying that meme coins have far surpassed industry expectations but recognize and know there is always room for improvement

AstroMoon(ATM) Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAstroMoon
Short Name(ATM)
Circulating Supply1.00B ATM
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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AstroMoon Marketplace will provide buyers and sellers with a robust suite of tools for creating and filling orders for any token. This functionality facilitates development of third party apps using Astromoon to transfer NFTs to other blockchains, from blockchain-based games on other networks to NFT marketplaces and exchange platforms.

AstroMoon Ask Orders can be placed by an owner to sell tokens they own. Placing the order will bind the token to the owner’s account until the order is filled or cancelled. Bid Orders can be placed on a token ID, or a base ID (which includes all token IDs of the same type). Tokens don’t need to be listed for sale (or even exist on the network) to receive a bid. In fact, users are encouraged to maintain the highest bid on any token.

AstroMoon The highest active bid on any Base ID and/or Token ID establishes the best known current price for each fungible or non-fungible token. This price discovery functionality facilitates development of third party apps using to transfer NFTs to other blockchains, from blockchain-based games on other networks to NFT marketplaces and exchange platforms.

Features :


AstroMoon Every transaction sent to the network must include one or more signatures from a valid key pair.Multiple signatures allow for multi-transfers, trades, minting, and crafting where more than one wallet or token is involved in the transaction. With discrete accounts, more than one signature may be required to control the account. In governance, multiple owners of a discrete account can approve a vote together.


AstroMoon Transfers of Paratokens can be simple or complex, including the ability to include multiple senders and recipients.To perform a trade, two or more accounts could sign a transfer transaction


AstroMoon Fee Delegation A transaction can include a fee payer signature, which allows someone else to sign responsibility for fees before broadcasting. This is hugely beneficial for companies and creators who want to subsidize transaction costs for their users.

Community aspects

AstroMoon Scroll down is a community driven project that is thriving on social engagement amongst amazing team. The camaraderie and the high spirited competition in community is second to none, which provides an environment where every investor is safe. The team is accessible 24/7 via Telegram chat. Founder Mathew (DR. CRYPTO) can be heard in the VC several times daily updating the community on the amazing new developments the team is working on.