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What Is Sourceless (STR) ? Complete Guide & Review About Sourceless

What Is Sourceless (STR) ?

SourceLess is a revolutionary technology that uses Distributed Ledger, Peer-to-Peer connections and Str.domain as the account identifier, to connect every human and every existing Blockchain, in a Web3 platform, creating the first World Wide Blockchain under SourceLess Platform. SourceLess Blockchain is the next stage in the web’s evolution to make the Internet smarter, and will have the ability to process information with near-human efficiency through artificial intelligence systems capable of running intelligent programs to help its users.

Sourceless The ecosystem on which is based on will not permit the execution of any malware or computer viruses; based on blockchain characteristics proof, blockchain identity will not permit any type of bad intentions on the Internet and the digital identity will be white labeled by KYC and AML and will not permit identity theft, thus the information will be protected by blockchain and DLT, Peer-2-Peer in networking with 256-bit encryption from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

Sourceless (STR) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSourceless
Short Name(STR)
Circulating Supply46.49B KENKA
Max Supply464,946,494,649,464
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SourceLess Blockchain has a node (memory size) below 1MB, and works in a way that any security issues will be canceled by running in SourceLess Blockchain and not allowing any virus or malware to execute. This node is the encryption core system. For example, if every car would have a SourceLess Blockchain node (1 MB) installed/preinstalled on the car’s main computer, any eventual frauds and deficiencies that can show up, could be verified or accessed by the owner of the SourceLess Blockchain fork. Read the full article from Yahoo Finance

The World Wide Blockchain

SourceLess, are working on creating the World Wide Blockchain. The World Wide Blockchain (WWB) is an information system where documents and other web resources are incorruptible through end-to-end encryption, identified by a SourceLess Domain (domain, such as STR.example) and are accessible on the internet using the SourceLess platform. Web 3.0 resources are transferred via Distributed Ledger and Peer-to-Peer technology and can be accessed by users through a software application, called the SourceLess Platform. The World Wide Blockchain is not equivalent to the Internet, which preceded the Web in one form or another more than two decades ago and is based on associated technologies.

New Web

The address mapping considered is in the form STR.Name, both for personal space (wallet and space) and for the business part, STR.Company, allowing 128 characters after STR.54 characters (numbers and letters), public address that will help a simple and clear identification for the use of all services and paths in the ecosystem. Roles with limited or full rights can be distributed by the administrator at any time only by accepting and assigning to the wallet str.slave or str.user, but also customer rights, visitor type, the applicability can be given in any direction, the limits being imposed only by the AppLess administrator.

SourceLess Web Services and Addressing

Considering the whole ecosystem, believe that the best way to apply the services of the Blockchain but also of the DLT is to offer it as a public address, both in Web3, IOT, DLT (hosting and processing large databases), starting from address. Remapping the Web, in the SourceLess Blockchain vision, the domain names type applied both as web, but as identifier in Blockchain, but also as personal or business spaces (as hosting this time) would offer enormous benefits, both by ownership of personal space or in the SourceLess Blockchain DLT database, as well as communication channels, which this time are not actually based on http, ftp, or other classic communication channels.

Data Protection using SourceLess Blockchain

You can easily apply usage rights, with the certification given by the unique address, as well as the encryption from the enrollment of any data, having a double role, that of ensuring data protection, but also the possibility of remote verification or certification, in real time. The security given by the Blockchain, both as data protection and the impossibility of counterfeiting or identity theft, the street name being subject to KYC and AML rules, give a perfect solution of cyber security.