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What Is WPT Investing Corp(WPT) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About WPT Investing Corp

What Is WPT Investing Corp(WPT)?

WPT Investing Corp is not just a Community driven token, but a bridge to Real Life Corporate ROI that brings huge rewards and buy backs into the Chart without liquidity removal via dual corporate treasury function. They are pioneering the front way of Real Life Utility into Blockchain. With Corporate Treasuries, The Features & utilities like Staking & Yield Farming, they will always provide a steady positive cashflow.

WPT Investing Corp Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWPT Investing Corp
Short NameWPT
Max Supply10,000,000
Total Supply10,000,000
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The Future Of Crypto

Cryptocurrency is changing the world and the lives of many people that invest in it every day; however, corporate America and businesses in the US have yet to fully utilize it to its benefit. WPT is directly addressing this as they are creating a bridge between corporate America and blockchain by partnering with top MCA Prime Lenders.


War Pigs is an innovative token on the Ethereum Blockchain. They are the first token to partner with the corporate world and blockchain through Decentralized App, starting with prime Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) lenders. By syndicating treasury tax-earned funds to MCAs, WPT Investing Corp will bring 10% to 20% of ROI into ecosystem. Every time this happens, there will be significant buybacks and USDC rewards and token stakers will receive consistent and considerable passive income.


Rest assured that token holders are in great hands. The team is fully doxxed. The COO is a licensed attorney. They CEO has been a registered business consultant in New York for the past 16 years. WPT Investing Corp is a fully incorporated entity in the state of New York. They are in the process of applying for a Money Transmitter License. Also, ecosystem has an anti-whale mechanism and an anti-bot system.

  • Vesting periods for initial holders
  • $WPT will launch on Uniswap first
  • Third-party doxxed team
  • Locked liquidity for 1 year


Cryptocurrency is changing the world and the lives of many people that invest in it every day; however, corporate America and businesses in the US have yet to fully utilize it to its benefit. War Pigs Token is directly addressing this as they are bridging the gap between Corporate America Merchant Cash Advance (“MCA”) private financing and blockchain.

Partnerships with Prime MCA Lenders

WPT Investing Corp Pigs will use corporate treasury tax funds earned by the company to syndicate into top Prime MCA lenders. Though they are not a lending platform, funds syndicated to MCA lenders will generate significant profits from the company’s return on investment. The return on investments in this space can range anywhere between 10-20%.


Phase 1

200+ Holders
Ecosystem Phase 1
Pre-launch Contract Audit
Team Doxxing
Twitter Page Launch
Website Launch
Marketing Campaign V1
Pre-sales May & June 2022
Website V1
500+ Telegram Members
Business Partnerships
Incorporate in the State of New York
Organize Corporate Structure

Phase – 2

500+ Holders
Ecosystem Phase 2
Marketing Campaign V2 (Youtube, Twitter, TG Calls & AMA’s.)
1000+ Telegram Members
BrewLabs Smart Contract & Dual Treasury Contract.
Website V2
White Paper V2
War Pigs 2D & 3D NFT Collection Previews
Token Launch
Apply Tier 3 Exchanges
Decentralized App Development (Phase I)
War Pigs Token Staking Platform
More Corporate Business Partnerships
Coin Gecko Listing
CMC Listing

Phase – 3

1000+ Holders
Ecosystem Phase 3
Final Website Version Web 3.0
Launch 2,000 2D Stake-Able NFT Collection
Launch 1,000 3D Metaverse / Stake-Able NFT Collection.
More Corporate / Business Partnerships
Apply Tier 2 Exchanges
Marketing Campaign V3
Decentralized App Development (Phase II)
Apply for a BitLicense in NY

Phase – 4

2000+ Holders
Apply Tier 1 Exchanges
Decentralized Apps Beta Web & Mobile Testing
NFT Collections Surprises
Marketing Campaign for DApp in Android/IOS
More Corporate / Business Partnerships
Play to Earn Game Phase 1
Metaverse Lands and Worlds Phase 1
3D NFT Collection for CRO & Polygon (Matic)

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