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What Is Zero Exchange (ZERO)? Complete Guide Review About Zero Exchange.

What Is Zero Exchange (ZERO)?

The first community that has adopted BITT as their native currency is the Bitsquad. The token enables advanced features and discounts on the Bitswap DEX toolKIT, provides unique utility within Discord and unlocks new and exciting possibilities involving NFTs and the SANDBOX game. Devoted members of the Bitsquad are greatly appreciated for their undying support for the Zero Exchange Crypto ecosystem. They will be rewarded through exclusive offers, airdrops, discounts, and more that will continue to evolve throughout the life of the project.

Unfortunately, many of these projects have limited functionality when it comes to rewarding supporters and attracting new users. Some also have tokenomics that discourage continued investment. Additionally, there is no cross-community token that can bring crypto-heads and newcomers together from different platforms and ecosystems. Eventually, communities dissolve and reform, leaving once-thriving groups desolate and forgotten.

Zero Exchange Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZero Exchange
Short NameZERO
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Stake to Earn

Zero Exchange made the RELAY token deflationary with your unique tokenomics model utilizing buy back and burns from the bridge fees, while minimizing sell pressure by suppressing Relay emissions. Become an Investor today to earn native gas tokens (like MATIC, AVAX, MOVR, etc) through Staking, or partners’ tokens (QUICK, SOLAR, MOON, etc) when proving liquidity with the RELAY token as a pair through a Pool.


Your bridge is effectively triple audited. Relay Chain is an optimized version of the original Chain safe code, which was originally audited by Consensus Diligence. A subsequent audit of the code and improvements was performed by Zokyo. And a final audit was conducted by leading cyber security specialists, Halborn. Zero Exchange relaters are known and trusted entities.

The following are use-cases and features that BITToken will employ for the Bitsquad, but as the project evolves, more groups will assimilate BITT and devise new and exciting utility for their communities.


Nothing in this document or any other publication of Zero Exchange constitutes any form of investment advice or recommendation by, and should not be regarded as an offer, solicitation, invitation, or recommendation to buy or sell any tokens. Network is publishing this paper solely to receive feedback and comments on your project plans from the public.

Nothing you read in any publication from Network is a guarantee or promise of direction or goals of either the token or the development of the utility. The token value may rise or fall; you should not purchase tokens if you cannot lose the entire monies staked.


While the token utilities set out in your publications are the intention at the time of publication, Zero Exchangeors. A base all statements regarding the future of Network on your analysis at the time of writing. Network has no connection, correlation, or commitment to any other business, trading name, or otherwise to any similar name. They are not providing recommendations or advice about buying or holding your token; it is not a “stablecoin,” and the markets are volatile.


Building the Zero Exchange dApp on the Elrond blockchain provides the Network massive, pre-audited security. All user logins will go through blockchain wallets, and the platform will never collect credentials, unlike traditional platforms where the user must enter usernames and passwords. Furthermore, all write transactions will require an app signature for additional security. That allows for maximum protection from day one, with no possible zero-day exploit issues as Elrond is already a secure, established technology.


What Is Zero Exchange (ZERO)? Complete Guide Review About Zero Exchange.
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