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What Is Hyper Credit Network (HPAY)? Complete Guide Review About Hyper Credit Network.

What Is Hyper Credit Network (HPAY)?

When using the Bitswap DEX aggregator, users that hold at least 2500 Hyper Credit Network receive a 90% discount on platform fees. This means that holders will only be charged a 0.01% fee on each trade. When traders initiate a token swap, BitSwap scours 14 decentralized exchanges in search of the best price and liquidity to complete the trade. Bitswap’s underlying aggregator uses powerful technology to assure traders that they are getting the best price for their tokens with every swap.

Hyper Credit Network will feature a unique NFT Platform where collectors can purchase exclusive BitBoy collectible cards & rare BitBoy art pieces. Users can leverage the BITToken to secure a better price for NFTs hosted on the marketplace. BitBoy cards possess unique and valuable characteristics that will continue to reward holders throughout the life of the BITToken project.

Hyper Credit Network Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHyper Credit Network
Short NameHPAY
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply58,123,500
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


The Hyper Credit Network primary function is as a community token. As the first community to onboard BITT as its native currency, the token will be ESSENTIAL for BitSquad members to access exclusive features in the world Crypto. Active members of the BitSquad will receive token airdrops for contributing to the community. Through active participation, users will earn BITT rewards in the form of airdrops. This includes engaging with platforms such as Telegram, Discord, YouTube, the Bitswap aggregator, and NFT marketplace, social media like Twitter, and any place you can find BitBoy Crypto content.

The more users contribute and support these platforms, the more they will be rewarded. Several subscription services are being developed on Hyper Credit Network in addition to the LAB discord server. When users pay for their subscriptions with BITT, they will receive exclusive discounts. There will be huge promotions that will allow BITToken holders to maximize the value of their purchase.

In-Game Content for SANDBOX

SANDBOX is one of the biggest upcoming projects in cryptocurrency. There is a staggering amount of IP that will be available in the virtual world, and the Hyper Credit Network has staked their claim on the map. SANDBOX is unique because each plot of land can be endlessly designed with unique wear ables, items, and experiences. With the BITToken, can explore and interact with every corner of Digital City, the BitBoy Crypto playground.

The token will be the key to gaining access to secret areas, special unlockable content, and exclusive experiences that players can’t access anywhere else in the game. BITT holders also have the opportunity to rent shares of the BITToken estate and build unique creations.

Future Utility

The Hyper Credit Network project is constantly evolving and prioritizes integrating multiple products and services seamlessly into the diverse sphere of crypto communities. Members of and other participating communities can expect to receive regular rewards for their support and contributions to the continuing success of the BITToken project. This is the core value of the BITToken and every future decision will be for the betterment of its holders because BITT is creating the largest and most dynamic community in crypto.

The future of the Hyper Credit Network project will be dynamically attuned to the rapidly changing crypto markets. Products and services will continue to be developed and the utility for BITT will expand dramatically along the way. The eventual result will be the most robust and valuable ecosystem in the cryptocurrency space.

Cross-Platform Utility

All of these products and features can be adopted and tailored to fit any community or ecosystem. Projects can launch their own aggregators, marketplaces, and even list BITT as their main currency on Discord and Telegram through the bot. To add the bot and integrate Hyper Credit Network into Discord simply go to Once the bot has been set up type “$config currencies enable bitt” into After has been configured, users can transact with BITT from their native Discord wallet! BITToken’s Telegram bot will be added in Q2 of 2021.

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