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What Is WATTTON(WATT)? Complete Guide & Review About WATTTON


WATTTON (WATT) token as a digitally encrypted currency does not fall into the following categories: (a) currencies of any kind; (b) securities; (c) shares of legal entities; (d) stocks, bonds, notes, warrants, certificates or other Instruments that grant any rights. Depending on the market rules and the application of post-arrival demand, the value of the WATTT token may not have any value. The team will not make any commitment to its value-added and will not be responsible for the consequences caused by the increase or decrease in value.

WATTTON (WATT) To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, for the damages and risks including, but not limited to, direct or indirect damages, loss of business profit, loss of business information, or any other economic damages arising out of the interest in connection with a particular purpose. WATTTON team and WATTT token should comply with any regulations for healthy development conducive to the exchange of industries and the development of self-regulation industry self-declaration.

WATTTON (WATT) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short Name(WATT)
Circulating Supply8,000,000.00 WATT
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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The WATTTON project is an ‘idea-energy trading platform’ that will discover, introduce, and develop sustainable, carbon-free, eco-friendly, economical, and mysterious energy. From the development of eco-friendly energy at the level of an idea to the commercialization of ‘idea energy products’ at a tradable level, will provide a new trading platform on the energy trading platform.

WATTTON believes in creating a better world for the future generations by giving them the gift of a clean environment and sustainable energy resources without destroying or wasting current resources. accomplish this through suite of business products and harness the potential of technology to build solutions that will be utilized to produce various types of ‘eco-friendly’ energies such as water-fluorinated (hydrogen oxidation) energy, or non-motor / powerless energy that reduces massive carbon emission

WATTTON IDEA Energy Crowdfunding Platform

The global renewable energy market was valued at $928.0 Billion in 2017, and is expected to reach $1,512.3 Billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 6.1% from 2018 to 2025. Renewable energy technologies convert the energy from different natural sources such as sun, tides, wind and others, into its usable forms such as electricity.

Service Component Layer

WATTTON’s Service and Component Layer serves as a window for data access to blockchain networks, such as funding for [Application Service Layer]. The various services on the Wharton platform are connected to the blockchain network only through the Service and Component Layer. If a blockchain network is established for WATTTON in the future, will be able to preprocess it in [Service and Component Layer] for funding and projects. will also increase accessibility to blockchain networks through API.

Token Utility

The WATTTON platform is designed to promote the cleaner environment, industries, and culture, and WATTT Token will create a synergy with the platform to build and operate a cleaner environment for all, by exploring and constant backing all potential renewal and sustainable energy-ideas that are able to be produced and distributed to all. Simply, WATTT Token is a reward for any contribution in forming the WATTTON services.

Users on our platform can see every single idea-energy with high potential to be produced as circulating energy on platform, and users can vote on what they think to have the most potential to be actually produced and distributed from industrial to households via WATTTON token. Once users vote, they get rewards for voting, and the amount of rewards are proportional to the amount of token they spent to vote.