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What Is Virtual Ads (VADS)? Complete Guide Review About Virtual Ads.

What Is Virtual Ads (VADS)?

Nowadays, the advertising market is divided between a handful of global companies whose motives and interests run contrary to your own. When it comes to using these companies’ services, they’re forced to play along with the rules and terms they dictate. In doing so, they’re unknowingly giving away control over your personal data. They believe that users who want to protect their privacy must remain anonymous – and those who’re ready to share their data, deserve a fair reward.

As of today, decentralized systems like blockchain make it easier to maintain confidentiality. A decentralized Web 3.0 protocol, for its part, is a breath of fresh air to online privacy. The protocol design offers some distinct advantages to address the issues of outdated advertising networks. While being extremely cost effective, Virtual ads protocol comprises interoperability, immutability and brand reputation protection in the Metaverse space all together.

Virtual Ads Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameVirtual Ads
Short NameVADS
Circulating Supply1.00B VADS
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Standards & Interoperability

Brands and the DOOH-VDOOH market players should create the economic model where everyone benefit from using the aggregation standard of advertising in Metaverses. As soon as the economic incentives will be created, all the participants will be able to benefit by shifting to the open model.

The Virtual Ads mission is to create this Web 3.0 standard. Tech entrepreneurs will be able to develop and test business models for ads aggregation in Metaverses, so they could supplant the best existing cost-effective business models due to the network effect.

Can Virtual Ads imagine today’s online world with only one Metaverse? They don’t think so. In Virtual Ads, they see Metaverses as an interoperable meta space composed of multiple virtual universes where the blockchain technology serves as a coordinating mechanism in this complex, interconnected ecosystem.

Immutability and Spending Cuts

Do you remember the days when you had to go to an ad agency so you could go over ad content or legal and payment formalities in person? This process would go on for months. With the technology advancing, the whole procedure has reduced to the advertiser simply agreeing to the offer terms. However, it does not give the client any guarantees as the offer can be changed unilaterally.

Thanks to the Smart Contract Library feature, both the company and advertiser can be more flexible when adapting to the latest technology trends. These Smart contracts cannot be reversed unilaterally due to the blockchain code-level security. Smart contracts security significantly reduces the risk of unexpected losses, thus eliminating extra transaction costs for the company and advertiser.

Protect Brand Reputation

Can your brand be protected from counterfeits and intellectual property theft? Virtual Ads definitely think so. NFT Marketplace of Ad Creatives allows users to authenticate their digital assets with a simplified copyright registration. The marketplace also makes the assets transfer highly secure and efficient. What makes this marketplace so valuable for the advertising market players?

For brands, it is, above all, the brand reputation protection against counterfeits. Ad Creatives rental, royalty and added value income when selling collectables only add to the profit prospects. For ad space owners, it helps to improve the corporate image when working with an established brand and verified content. For NFT owners, it is a perfect opportunity to place their NFTs on different platforms to expand the target audience.

Improved marketing analytics

Today it is possible analyze how effective the internet advertising companies’ marketing is. With Indoor and DOOH ads, Virtual Ads can check the effectiveness only through smart display cameras. In Metaverses, however, there is no such tool yet.

The marketing efficiency analysis based on the online2offline (O2O) attribution assigns a conversion value to different campaigns according to the rules and specific data. This decentralized protocol allows to aggregate the digital and real worlds using IoT devices connected to the Internet and Wi-Fi (LED/LCD/holographic displays), as well as visitors and impressions counters in Metaverses.

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