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What Is Tweet To Earn (TTE)? Complete Guide Review About Tweet To Earn.

What Is Tweet To Earn (TTE)?

Tweet To Earn is designed to be as open and accessible as possible. This means they carefully considered how to ensure that everybody can fairly participate in the move-to-earn economy without diluting rewards or causing excess NFT burden. They anticipate that, at least initially, a large proportion of users participating in the ecosystem will own and stake their NFTs directly. These will be accessible but still somewhat scarce, ensuring that rewards cannot be monopolized by just a small proportion of users. Unique Boost Zones are a powerful social feature that allows users to boost their rewards by moving in specific zones, which will be varied periodically. This might include participating in a local sporting event, running in a national park, swimming at a specific facility, or taking part in a local social event.

Tweet To Earn Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTweet To Earn
Short NameTTE
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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NFT Lending

To help make Tweet To Earn more accessible to users with limited disposable income, they will include a powerful NFT marketplace, which will include a simplified lending system that allows NFT holders to easily and securely lend out their NFTs to other users in return for an agreed proportion of the rewards it can be used to generate. This lending system will be similar to delegation, ensuring ownership remains with the initial holder, while its utility is delegated to the borrower.

Corporate/group accounts

Tweet To Earn will provide a powerful sub-account feature that will allow corporations, working groups, community groups, and more to easily onboard, incentivize and coordinate their participants. This will allow a single (or multiple) top-level account/s to purchase and hold NFTs while delegating their utility to one or more sub-accounts (group members). This will ensure firms, gyms, hobbyist groups, and more can work to improve the fitness of their members while simplifying their on-boarding process.

NFT Fractionalization

In a later version of the application, users will be able to pay a small one-time fee to fractionalize their NFT. These fractional NFTs can then be sold, traded, or loaned to other users to divide up the earning potential of NFTS — further reducing barriers to entry. This system will ensure Tweet To Earn remains accessible given that the NFT supply will always be limited.


To help provide a tailored health and fitness experience to users, Tweet To Earn will automatically generate a range of local and personalized challenges which users can complete to earn additional rewards and perks. These will be personalized based on both user-inputted data and past performance. They does not sell any of your information to anyone and never will. They also impose strict restrictions on how your partners can use the data provide. The application will collect only the necessary data to provide you with a tailored experience, while still respecting your right to privacy. Many features will be opt-in only, ensuring you can choose how much data you wish to provide, and how personalized you want your fitness journey to be.

Regional Availability

For the more competitive users, Tweet To Earn features both local and global leaderboards, allowing users to gauge their performance against the broader community, and push themselves to their limits. A range of attractive perks and rewards will be made available to the top-ranking users — along with the chance to secure a slot as a sponsored athlete. The application will be available on a global basis. Move-to-earn features will be unavailable in these regions.

However, users in the United States, Albania, Barbados, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Haiti, Iran, Jamaica, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Senegal, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Uganda, and Yemen, Zimbabwe. will be restricted to simple fitness tracking functionality. Featuring powerful boost zones, local challenges, and both national and worldwide leaderboards, this makes staying fit as competitive or relaxed as you choose while unlocking an array of new social experiences.

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