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What Is BURNZ (BURNZ)? Complete Guide Review About BURNZ.


BURNZ is based on a common everyday activity for most people moving. They are the first team to create and implement a sustainable, working Move-to-Earn (M2E) model. By simply moving, jogging, walking, running, and swimming indoors and outdoors, users will earn IN-APP currency, which can either be donated to numerous charity organizations or cashed out for profit. MoveZ’s earn capability intends to incentivize tens of millions of people around the globe toward a healthier lifestyle, introducing them to how revolutionary the web3 can and will be, all while relying on its social elements and simple UI to develop a long-lasting platform encouraging user-generated Web 3.0 content. MoveZ is currently being tested under its Closed Alpha Phase. The contents of this Litepaper may change in the future to better reflect the full scope of the project.

BURNZ Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBURNZ
Short NameBURNZ
Circulating Supply4,435,353.00 BURNZ
Total Supply4,435,353
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The FinFit Economy

Fitness Finance is a market economy in which users benefit from the $100 billion fitness industry’s value. It is the Web3 equivalent of digital fitness experiences and applications. Web2 enabled people to consume as well as generate fitness content. It transferred the value created by their fitness content to the platform owners. BURNZ GameFi industry is an apt example. Gaming is a roughly $200 billion global industry in which many consume and produce for the profit of a few. Web3 enables everyone to own a piece of the market in which they participate. With the rise of play-to-earn, this became a reality. FinFit and move-to-earn are crucial in introducing the vast fitness industry to individuals in a way that allows them to profit from it.

What Makes M2E Exciting?

Move-to-Earn (M2E) apps allow users to earn token-based while doing regular physical activities, helping to incentivize fitness and improve health by rewarding participants. Move-to-earn gamification is similar to play-to-earn gamification in that players own and control all of their in-app assets, which they may swap for crypto or fiat money on their own terms.

Supercharge Your Fitness

BURNZ is a movement. One in which individuals are incentivized for doing what they can to improve their health and fitness through a balanced and sustainable move-to-earn ecosystem. Centered around the MoveZ app, participants will be able to earn MOVEZ token rewards for participating in a range of fitness activities. Move-to-earn is set to revolutionize the way we think about fitness by providing immediate rewards and unlocking an array of attractive opportunities for participants.

By helping to inspire and reward people for being fit, MoveZ is set to motivate the more than 2.2 billion people worldwide who don’t get enough physical activity. At MoveZ, they believe fitness should be for everyone. That’s why the barrier to participation will be low thanks to the use of fractionalized NFTs, organization/group accounts, and NFT lending features.

The MoveZ Mission

BURNZ mission is not only to revolutionize the fitness industry by encouraging more people to improve their health and achieve their fitness goals but also by shifting profits away from platform owners to platform users through a unique decentralized platform.

Understanding Move-to-Earn (M2E)

Move-to-earn is a relatively new phenomenon that includes a variety of products and services that reward users for being active. BURNZ a platform that provides users with rewards for keeping fit, unlocking an additional income stream for participating in their usual exercise activities, or taking part in specific fitness-related challenges. It builds on the trend and success of play-to-earn, where users are rewarded, in cryptocurrency, for playing games.

  • The platform generally aims to incentivize fitness, helping to reduce obesity and sedentariness, and giving users an opportunity to earn an income for improving their health. Indeed, researchers recently found that improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness lead to a significant reduction in all-cause and disease-specific mortality, with an individual’s maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) being strongly correlated with their life expectancy.
  • The term ‘move-to-earn’ refers to the possibility of earning valuable rewards while doing activities like moving about, similar to P2E (play-to-earn), which has since been adopted by a variety of other apps that reward users for their activity.
  • The MoveZ application generates rewards in the form of blockchain-based digital tokens. Users are rewarded in native utility tokens for completing fitness-related tasks — such as walking, running, or swimming.
  • The MoveZ platform tracks activity and completion of tasks using the data from a cell phone or fitness tracker. This is assessed to see if it qualifies for rewards. Earned tokens can then either be directly traded for goods and services within the application or sold/traded on an internal marketplace or external exchange for other cryptocurrencies.
  • Anti-cheat technology will be employed to ensure that only genuine fitness data is taken into account in the reward calculation process.
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