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What Is X ECOSYSTEM (XECO)? Complete Guide Review About X ECOSYSTEM.


X ECOSYSTEM is a merger of two projects, DOXXED and Virtual X. DOXXED was launched on 21 September 2021 and had a pretty successful run with ATH of 15 Million. Due to the uncertain times in January – February of 2022 and following a bear market, both teams decided to collaborate and re-launch together as X ECOSYSTEM, XECO. Your goal is to revolutionize the crypto space by launching multiple utilities with Unique Selling Propositions (USP) under one ecosystem. With synergies of two dev teams they are introducing 2 one of a kind utilities i.e. Render Chain and Cloud Ecosystem – Ethereum Virtual Machine. This also makes us more effective, efficient and they can venture into new projects and take advantage of the ever evolving crypto space with ease.

X ECOSYSTEM Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameXECO
Circulating Supply4.50B XECO
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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For X PAD and DOX Verified they will be frequently collaborating with global celebrities, influencers and other community projects with doxxed teams, giving more exposure and investors. Your projects will be open to all, irrespective of their interest in crypto, giving more users and revenue. Ecosystem projects will be launched every quarter under The X ECOSYSTEM, giving evergrowing hype, investors and userbase. Profits generated throughout the X ECOSYSTEM will be used for buyback & burn to reduce the circulating supply.


All the projects from your Audit & KYC Service, Launchpad and other community projects will have the option to list their token on your exchange after meeting predefined conditions. Along with top stable coins, the staking feature will also be available for the users to generate a steady source of income. There is a big time gap between the launch of a token on Swap Exchanges and getting listed on the major exchanges. Most of the good projects die between that timeframe as big investors don’t invest until coins are listed on major trading platforms.

They have 2 main goals here:
– To bridge that gap and provide steady volume until the coins/tokens are listed on big exchanges.
– To start generating enough revenue to eliminate TAX on DEX and make our ecosystem sustainable.


A NFT Multi Chain Marketplace where Artists and Community can learn to create NFT from scratch, sell or auction. A revolutionary metaverse platform built for human connection where people can create, work, and play. Virtual-X unlocks new ways to interact in the world. A blend of virtual reality and augmented reality. Virtual-X opens new opportunities for Business, Marketing, Education, socialization, and entertainment.

X ECOSYSTEM services include not only infrastructure, virtual buildings, immersive commerce, VR, and architecture, education but also 3d business models, SDK support for business models, sports, entertainment. WORLD X will be the first part of your VIRTUAL X Metaverse, followed by Virtual Marketplace, NFT Stores and Virtual Buildings.

DOX Verified

X ECOSYSTEM old website will be converted into a service for legit teams to get KYC and Audits Done for their project. DOX verified will be merged with X PAD to give community a safe and secure place to park their funds. A Launchpad for community projects to launch their project with minimal fee and access to XECO community. XECO holders will have a chance to participate in the presales of projects launching on XPAD after meeting certain criteria. A cross-chain bridge to bring on users and investors from other prominent chains like Ethereum, Cardano, Tron and Solana etc.


X Wallet will be integrated with your CEX to give users seamless swapping experience without going through a CEX. Along with that all the community coins or newly listed coins will have an option to list their coins on your wallet irrespective of holders and market cap. This will give your wallet users price and logo of the newly launched projects from the get-go. Your phase 4 includes 3 utilities, out of which 2 will be one of a kind in the crypto space.

X ECOSYSTEM keep your utilities one of a kind and competitive, they cannot share the complete details here. However, you are more than welcome to ask details and working of your utilities on your weekly video AMA. Same as miners are awarded the respective currency of the chain they are mining for verifying transactions, Render Chain will reward miners in your native token for rendering 3D assets. They are designing this to help users with low to mid processing power Pcs, since rendering 3D requires high end components.

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