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Tokel Airdrop Review: The Future of Tokenization

About Tokel Airdrop

Tokel Airdrop aims to be the best decentralized token platform on offer. It will provide a solid foundation, using existing Komodo Technologies, for token projects to launch and succeed from by offering end-to-end token solutions for fixed supply and non-fungible tokens.

Tokel is airdropping a minimum of 5,000,000 TKL to users who hold TKL by the snapshot date. A snapshot will be taken on September 15th at 8 pm UTC and eligible holders will receive free TKL via two time-locked transactions. Half of the total pool will be time-locked for 9 months, the other 18 months. Any unsold TKL from the IDO will also be added to the airdrop pool.

Token NameTokel Airdrop
Total ValueMin 5,000,000 TKL
Airdrop Start2021-09-15
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-By-Step Guide CRD Network

  1. Buy and hold TKL before the snapshot date to be eligible for the airdrop.
  2. The snapshot will be taken on September 15th at 8 pm UTC.
  3. Users can purchase TKL from AtomicDEX. For more information regarding this, see this article.
  4. Eligible holders will get free TKL proportional to the amount of TKL they’re holding.
  5. Any unsold TKL from the IDO will also be added to the airdrop pool.
  6. All premine addresses apart from the 20 million Early Adopter allocation will be excluded from the airdrop.
  7. Half of the airdrop pool will be time-locked for 9 months and the remaining half for 18 months.
  8. For more information regarding the airdrop. see this Medium article.

Trade tokens using Tokel’s DEX

Tokel Airdrop Trustless & decentralized token trading is built into the Tokel blockchain protocol. Each token created on Tokel is automatically listed on the tokenDEX with the token-to-Tokel pair. Users can buy, sell, trade, send and manage their tokens easily, all on the blockchain.

Platform Features

Coin Wallet

Manage your coins, with your keys. Maintain control of your private keys with the Tokel wallet.

Token Explore

Tokel Airdrop Gotta find them all! Explore every token on the Tokel blockchain through the token explorer.


Trade your favourite tokens on the blockchain with the inbuilt tokenDEX.

Token Wallet

One wallet to collect them all. Manage every token on the blockchain with the token wallet.

NFT Marketplace

Tokel Airdrop Buy, sell, own, send through the NFT marketplace. Any token with a supply of 1 is able to be listed.

Token Creation tools

Want your very own token? Simple. Use the token creation tool and have your token within seconds.

The Tokel (TKL) blockchain

Tokel will be launched as a standalone blockchain using Komodo’s smartchain technology. it will be completely separate from the Komodo chain, and will utilize its own blockchain algorithm (Proof-of-work) and associated hashrate. The will utilize Komodo’s security services, delayed-Proof-of-Work, in order to protect the chain from 51% attacks.

As This is a UTXO based smartchain, it does not host smart contract capability through transactions. Rather, The inherits Komodo smart-UTXO features; Antara Modules. These Antara Modules will be used to create the token platform, give projects leading edge existing technologies to utilize, and allow projects to create their own application specific Antara Module and have it added to the chain.

Tokel (TKL) is a utility coin and will therefore generate coin value through platform usage, transaction fees, token creation, and most importantly, the tokenDEX and NFT marketplace. The is the central currency used for all token creation and transactions, while being the only coin paired against tokens on the tokenDEX.

The greater the number of tokens/NFTs being used on the platform, the less TKL there is in existence; for every 1 token created, there is 1 satoshi less TKL, giving a theoretical maximum of roughly 2,001,700,700,000,000,000 tokens on the platform. The more tokens created, the less TKL in circulation overall, effectively creating deflation of the coin. These are the underpinning characteristics that give value to the TKL coin.

Tokel chain specifics

Tokel Airdrop will utilize a multitude of Komodo’s Antara Modules. Each module enabling the platform in a different way, and allowing token projects to inherit the smartUTXO features of each one. They will address scalability issues prior to it becoming an issue by utilising Komodo’s scaling technology. If deemed necessary by the community, It has the option to use MoMoM cross-chain technology to create another sister chain(s) that will be fully fungible with the original chain.

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