KEEPs Airdrop Review: Get Win $5 Worth of TRX each

KEEPs Airdrop Review: Get Win $5 Worth of TRX each

About KEEPs Airdrop

KEEPs Airdrop aims to build an ecosystem platform for a new concept culture and art industry that encompasses the entire art industry such as music, film, and drama. It aims to provide a space where anyone in the world can participate in and run the culture and art industry by providing a platform that can be used in a variety of cultural and arts fields.

Keeps is giving away a total of $3,000 worth of TRX lucky giveaway participants. Sign up for the giveaway and complete simple social tasks to earn entries. Also get 3 entries for each referral. Five hundred lucky participants will win $5 worth of TRX each and three lucky winners will win up to $200 worth of TRX.

Token NameKEEPs Airdrop
PlatformOwn chain
Total Value$3,000 TRX
Airdrop starts2021-08-26
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the Keeps giveaway page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up.
  3. Complete simple social tasks to get up to 5 entries.
  4. Also get 3 entries for each referral.
  5. A total of 500 participants will be randomly selected to win $5 worth of TRX each.
  6. An additional three participants will also be selected to win up to $200 worth TRX.

Operation Goals Of Keeps

By providing young people who dream of creating contents and becoming artists a new opportunity to make their dreams come true, and by providing opportunities for various work activities to existing artists, the whole humanity can share various cultural and artistic works, enjoy cultural benefits, and personal self-esteem. It was KEEPs Airdrop that was born with the aim of raising awareness and creating an ecosystem of culture and arts that all mankind can share with a sense of mental and physical satisfaction.

Unique Content

KEEPs is more than just a social media platform where content is provided and shared, content creators are given the opportunity to share content with their fans, and can view unique videos that cannot be seen on other media platforms.

Reality Content Platform

The Platform provides a virtual space gallery service where you can enjoy or share content registered on the KEEPs Platform using Virtual Reality technology, one of the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution.


KEEPs intends to provide services by separately establishing a KEEPs Platform in order to build a sustainable ecosystem where content creators, distributors, and fans can coexist.

Unique Security

They will build a safe service that can block video duplication and illegal distribution that occur elsewhere and protect the authority of the original author.

KEEPs Platform Specification

KEEPs Airdrop PLATFORM was created for all artists engaged in the cultural industry or preparing for activities. The Platform aims to become a business model where all artists can grow together by providing opportunities for various creative activities and profit distribution. They will provide services to the general consumers who consume culture so that they can more easily access, understand and enjoy the field of culture and arts.

Keeps gateway

It is provided in the form of API and SDK, and supports the use of in actual participants by interlocking with the Platform.

Keeps API

They plan to provide various modules that can be used by each ecosystem member. They intend to provide it in the form of a separate asset so that it can respond to OS, Device, and Platform.

Exchange Services

They have a system that allows customers to fund the value of KEEPs Airdrop ‘ content creators in advance or in the distribution process of the produced content.

Keeps Wallet

They provide wallets for various OS so that even players who have not used cryptocurrency can easily use them.

Keeps Reward System

It is a systemized compensation system so that compensation can be set for each service tier and automatically settled.


The Platform is an ecological portal for culture and arts where these artists and consumers live together. In terms of profitability, every time a consumer purchases content or owns, shares, or enjoys digital content, the creator of the work will return the revenue. Of course, in terms of consumers who enjoy the work, they can have a position to invest in their preferred artist or have a position to distribute.