Remitano Airdrop Review: You will get 0.24 RENEC per day.

Remitano Airdrop Review: You will get 0.24 RENEC per day.

About Remitano Airdrop

Established in 2015 , Remitano Airdrop provides P2P escrowed cryptocurrency marketplace where people can buy or sell Bitcoin and altcoins fast & securely with friendly 24/7 online customer support. Remitano is trusted in more than 30 countries around the world and is being constantly developed and expanded every day. Remitano is airdropping free RENEC to users who download the app and mine. Download the Remitano app for Android or IOS and mine every day to receive free RENEC.

Token NameRemitano Airdrop
PlatformOwn chain
Total ValueN/A
Estimated ValueN/A
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Download Remitano app on Google Play or App Store.
  2. Create an account and verify your mobile number.
  3. Choose “Mining RENEC” in the menu and then “Scroll down to mine RENEC” and tap the button “Mine RENEC” to receive the airdrop.
  4. You will get 0.24 RENEC per day.
  5. The mining will last for 24 hours and then you have to tap the button ‘Mine RENEC” to continue mining again. You can only mine RENEC on the Remitano app for now.

How to get more RENEC?

  1. Complete level 2 verification to get 0.4 RENEC per day.
  2. Also refer your friends to get 20% of the total amount of RENEC that your friends have mined.
  3. The tokens are now locked within your Remitano wallet for now and is estimated to be unlocked over the course of about 1 year from the token’s launch date (30th June 2021)

Why blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies allow everything to be transparent, permissionless, and at the sametime, secure. You cannot fake a transaction on the blockchain because everything is rigorously verified by computers. At the same time, your personal information is protected because an easily generated private key is everything you need to transact on the blockchain. A corrupted organization cannot block your transaction because in a blockchain, every transaction is replicated all over the world.

Blockchain has made it possible to transact globally cheaply. You can transfer value across the globe in seconds at an incredibly small amount of fee, sometimes for free. Filling a long form of paper to justify your 500$ transfer to your relative overseas and waiting 10 working days for it to arrive is just a terrible distant past.

Remitano Network N Chains Model

Once in a while, a new blockchain comes to the market promising something exciting, either an improvement in performance or new capabilities. Together with it, a new token will be sold to you so you can utilize the new capabilities. This is not necessary a bad thing, however the new token bring all the new problems with it, and it will take serious effort to marketing the new token, at the same time put the early investor at risk because the new token value may very well go to zero.

Remitano Airdrop Network is designed with such problem awareness from beginning. The network is designed so that it is possible to add new capabilities and leverage the latest exciting technology in the blockchain space to the network without the need to introduce a new token.

Remitano Network is not a single blockchain, rather it is a set of blockchains designed to be interchangeable from the beginning. The initial network will be a simple value transfer one, similar to bitcoin, litecoin but with faster block time and more efficient consensus protocol. Then we will add a token decentralized exchange to the network, and then the decentralized fiat-token escrow, and last, a full ledge smart contract platform. As we discover new technologies in the blockchain space, we will add it to the Remitano Network, so with the RENEC token, investor should have the ability to transact quickly, exchange cheaply, escrow reliably, and performing sophisticated smart contracts.


Each blockchain will have a specific scalability capacity. With the initial blockchain, we don’t expect it to be huge. But since the network is designed to be extensible from the beginning, we will be adding multiple new blockchain technologies to the network, allowing it to achieve the level of scalability second to none.

Cross-chain communication

In order for RENEC token to be utilized on different technologies, every blockchain in the Remitano Airdrop Network will need to implement cross-chain communication capability, allowing a specific amount of token to be locked on a blockchain and simultaneously unlocked on the other blockchain.

Auto checksum wallet

Addresses without checksum have cost many users serious loss of money. Remitano Network takes this issue seriously and all addresses on the network will have checksum capability. If you type just one letter wrong in the address, the transaction will be stopped and no loss will happen. Also, Remitano Network uses a distinctive address format compared to other networks, so that it’s impossible to incorrectly send your coin to an address that your wallet or exchange can’t (or not willing to) recover.

Mis-sending has happened a lot in the past due to similarity in address format among BTC/BCH/LTC, ETH/BSC.

The current draft of the address format is renec [CHAINCODE][20bytesAddressPubkeyHash][Checksum]
We will see if it need to be improved until the launch of the first mainnet


4 products have been initially planned to be developed on the Remitano Network. All products will be running on 1 single node software. So when a new blockchain is added to the network, users only need to download the new node software and replace the existing one. The node software shall be available on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.

Low fee decentralized P2P electronic cash with multisig capability

The first blockchain offers just a simple ability to transfer RENEC token from one person to another. The network will also support wrapped tokens, which are other coins wrapped on the network. The wrapped tokens are similar to the ERC20 tokens on Ethereum, except it will be much more simpler. You can’t do crazy smart contracts with it yet.

The network will also support multisig wallets, allowing multiple people to co-control a wallet. We don’t offer a lot of crazy things in the first blockchain, except a built-in ability for the tokens to be transferred to the next blockchain. RENEC token will be premined 100% and all circulating token will be airdropped to users who joined the mining program prior to the launch of mainnet. The rest of the token will be burned to ensure the fair distribution and limited supply of the token. There will be no ICO or IEO. You need to join the mining program to own RENEC token.

The P2P electronic cash will be using Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) which is one of the most efficient consensus protocols so far. DPoS is the consensus protocol powered EOS, Tron and Cardano network

Low fee decentralized tokens exchange

Remitano Airdrop second blockchain will be featuring a decentralized tokens exchange. will be providing a gateway where users will be able to convert between tokens and its equivalent assets, so users can then transfer to the decentralized tokens exchange to be able to swap any tokens easily and cheaply.

A pair that swap from/to RENEC token will incur a fee that is only 40% to a pair that doesn’t. If a pair featuring RENEC token, the swap fee will always be collected in RENEC token. In other case, the swap fee is always collected on the receiving amount.

Low fee decentralized escrow service

The third blockchain will be a decentralized escrow, which allows the transacting between fiat and crypto securely. Although it’s generally believed that it’s possible to skip KYC on the decentralized escrow, it’s known that KYC provides necessary protection from fraud money. So although it’s a decentralized solution, there will be oracles on the network that provide KYC information and seller will be able to require buyers to complete KYC with at least an oracle among his trusted list to be able to perform in the escrow. An escrow on RENEC token incur 0.4% in fee paid to the arbitrator. An escrow of other token will incur 1% fee paid to the selected arbitrator.

Low fee smart contracts system

The fourth blockchain will be a full-ledge smart contract with the ability to perform sophisticated contracts, similar to the one on the Ethereum network. RENEC token will be used to pay for gas to run contract on the network


Remitano Airdrop token will not have a predefined cap initially, but rather the cap will be decided as a result of the mining program. Users from all around the world can participate in the mining program to claim his share of RENEC token. The mining program will be announced sometime during July 2021, and is estimated to last around a year, when the first blockchain mainnet is possible, and a at least 5 million users has successfully claimed his RENEC token. In case of less than 5 million users has successfully claimed the RENEC token, the mining program can be extended for another 3 months at most.

For every RENEC token claimed by the community, 0.25 RENEC token will be awarded to the development team and be unlocked over a period of time to fund the development and marketing of Remitano Network.

Mining power

In order to prevent abuse, each user must complete at least Level 1 verification at in order to mine RENEC token. Currently this means a phone number verification.
Mining speed corresponding to level of verification at
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Referral mining bonus

If a user introduced other users to the program, he will be rewarded 20% as their referred users mine RENEC token.

Plan for the usage of the development fund

The schedule for the development fund unlock:
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