Crypto Exchange Review: It Is Good Or Bad? Crypto Exchange Review: It Is Good Or Bad?


Founded in 2019, is a digital assets exchange platform designed to facilitate discussion & analysis of Ethereum projects. Resfinex brings with it the vision of highly liquid digital asset exchange platform. We’re a hub for traders, made with the intention of facilitating high quality trading platform in the Ethereum ecosystem.

We’ve assembled a small, agile team with an ownership mentality. They are highly motivated self-starter and believes in lifelong learning. They place the egos aside and thrive within a culture that fosters one another from birth of a concept to launch of a product.

Resfinex is a remote culture environment, so communication is critical within a remote culture and the team is in constant contact with one another in order to develop, support, and deliver the best platform possible to the users.

Resfinex Exchange Basic Points

Exchange NameResfinex Exchange
Min Withdraw 10 2248
Fiat DepositYes
Deposit FeesFree. Small deposit fees apply.
Easy To Use Yes
Security High
Taker Fee0.30%
Maker Fees0.15
Customer Support Available At Ticket & Live Chat
Official SiteHomepage

How To Start ?

How To Sign Up At Resfinex Crypto Exchange ?

bitfinex sign up button

It Is Very Easy To Sign Up At Resfinex Exchange . Just Click On Sign Up Button At Website .Fill Registration Form With Correct Details Like Your Email , Phone Number , Password Etc . Once You Fill All Data You Get Verification Link At Your Email . Just Verify Your Link For Successfully Verification.

How To Deposit Fund At Resfinex Exchange ?

Once your account has been verified, click on the ‘DEPOSIT’ button, which you’ll find at the top right-hand side of the screen. Choose which currency you want to deposit and then you will be provided with the Wallet details that you need to transfer the funds to .

How To Trade At Exchange ?

Once your account is funded, you can then begin day trading at Valr. Click on the ‘TRADING’ button at the top of the screen, and you will be taken to the main trading area. You now need to select the trading pair that you want to trade. Finally, enter the amount that you want to buy, decide whether you want to do a ‘market order’ or ‘limit order’, and then place your trade.

How To Withdraw At Resfinex Exchange ?

Withdrawing your funds from Swipe is very easy. Go to the “Withdraw” window, select the asset you want to take out and fill all the required fields. Note that you won’t be able to withdraw currencies if you haven’t secured your account with 2FA and/or whitelisted addresses.

Resfinex Fees Schdule

In order to encourage robust liquidity and tighter spreads in our markets, Crypto Exchange employs a volume-tiered, maker-taker fee schedule. Fees are charged and deduced on a per-trade basis and will be taken in the currency you receive (ETH if you buy ETH/USDT or USDT if you sell ETH/USDT for example).

The more “total volume” you trade on a rolling 30 day basis, the lower your fee on subsequent trades. They will calculate your fees based on your last 30 days of trading volume based on the daily average of the ETH-USDT rate (24-hour weighted average price) and dynamically adjust your fees according to the following schedule:

Trading Fees

By default, if you hold RES in your account, your trading fees will be automatically subtracted from your RES balance. Using RES for transaction fees applies a 50% discount to your trading fee will be applied. By default, if you hold RES in your account, your trading fees will be automatically subtracted from your RES balance. Using RES for transaction fees applies a 50% discount to your trading fee will be applied. Crypto Exchange Review: It Is Good Or Bad?
  1. What Does Maker-Taker Mean?
    • Maker fees are paid when you add liquidity to order book by placing a limit order under the ticker price for buy and above the ticker price for sell.
    • Taker fees are paid when you remove liquidity from our order book by placing any order that is executed against an order of the order book.
  2. DEPOSIT FEES Free. There are no fees for deposits.

WITHDRAWAL FEES Crypto Exchange Review: It Is Good Or Bad?
  • The mission is to accelerate the pace of innovation around the world and the adoption of digital tokens so that you and the rest of the world can transform legacy systems across nations and industries around the world, driving future economic growth and becoming more valuable for society.
  • The mission is to find the departure from conventional economic, political, and social systems run by a handful of large centralized institutions.
  • The mission is to create an open financial system can be a great equalizer and lift billions out of poverty.

Res Token

ResfinexCrypto Exchange Token (RES) is the heart of the Resfinex ecosystem. They have carefully designed incentive schemes to increase network effects, demand for RES, and to decrease its circulating supply.



  • You are positive in attitude and full of energy. Your behaviour inspires those around you.


You are constantly looking to challenge the status quo as well as yourself. You value failure and the lessons that come with it.

Curious Crypto Exchange desire to learn is unquenchable, and you value & accept feedback from all angles. You’re proactive, eager and curious about your work.

Team Player

They work quickly and collaboratively, placing the individual egos aside in the best interests of the team.

High Performance

You work fast to achieve the greatest, without compromising quality.

Why Choose Resfinex

Competitive Fees

Dynamic fee structure with lower fees for higher volume trading.

First Grade Security

Resfinex Crypto Exchange takes a comprehensive approach to protecting your funds and information. Learn more about the security features and integrations.

Industry leading API

The Websocket feed lets you easily gain access to real-time market data, while our trading API lets you develop secure, programmatic trading bots.