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SecuX Crypto Hardware Wallet Review

What Is SecuX Harware Wallet & How Its Work ?

SecuX wallet works similarly to any other hardware wallet in the sense that it stores coins on a physical device. However, in order to add cryptocurrency to your wallet, you will need to connect it to your mobile phone or computer in order to create accounts for various cryptocurrencies or ERC-20 tokens. For more information on wallet features and customization visit this link:

SecuX Hardware Wallet Key Points

Wallet NameSecuX Harware Wallet
Wallet TypeHardware Wallet
Types Of ProductsSecuX V20, W20, W10 Hardware wallets
Easy To UseEasy
Buy/Sell FacilityAvailable
FeaturesSupport Cross-Chain Protocol/User Friendly
Pin Code ProtectedYes
Frequency Of UpdateOnce In A Month
PriceV20 $139, W20 $119, W10 $69
Trust Score8/10
Official LinkClick Here

Wallet Types & Its Features

1. SecuX V20 Wallet

The SecuX V20 Is A Hardware Wallet Which Supports Many Major Cryptocurrencies And Thousands Of Ethereum-Based Tokens. It’s The Top Of The Line Version Of Taiwanese Manufacturer SecuX’s Product Offerings.

SecuX V20  Wallet

The SecuX V20 Device Is The Only One With A Unique Form Factor And Octagon Design That Is Very Sleek And Very Durable. This Device Is Connected By Bluetooth! That Means It Has Wireless Support And Can Be Managed With Full Functionality By The SecuX App For Ios And Android. It Also Has A Usb Cable, So It Can Be Managed Online With A Web Wallet As Well, Hence, Why It’s Considered A “Cross-Platform” Device.

This Device Comes In At An Entry Price Of 139$ And Is A Usb Connected Device That Does Connect To A Web Application That Allows You To Fully Manage The Device. With A 2.8 Inch Color Touch Screen, You Can Use To Manage And Authorize Transactions.

SecuX V20 Wallet Features

  • Offers a very robust build design with a rugged case in diamond form
  • Infineon CC EAL5+ comes along with the device of which we have talked above in detail.
  • The device leverages its users to connect the device with Mobile Apps on both Android and iOS.
  • SecuX claims that they offer military-grade security to their wallet users.
  • The wallet is Priced at $139
  • Dual connectivity through Bluetooth allows users to perform transactions from multiple devices

2. SecuX W20 Wallet

SecuX W20 Is A Crypto Hardware Wallet. The Product Comes Embedded With Infineon CC EAL5+ Certified Secure Element Chip, Thus Making It Suitable For Securely Storing Private Keys And Pins. Furthermore, The Embedded Infineon CC EAL5+ Certified Security Chip Ensures That The Users’ Confidential Information Is Hack-Proof Even If Someone Attempts To Access The Information By Connecting The Device With A Usb Or Bluetooth.

SecuX W20 Hero 1

As Well As The W20 Fantasy Model, It Supports All Major Cryptocurrency, Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin, Digibyte, Dash, Doge, Stellar Lumens, Groestlcoin, And All Erc 20 Tokens.

SecuX W20 Wallet Features

  • SecuX W20 is equipped with a 2.8” Color Touchscreen display
  • The device hosts and embedded with Infineon CC EAL5+ certified Secure Element chip, that ensures military-grade security
  • It offers dual connectivity – USB & Bluetooth, thus allowing users to execute transactions from multiple devices
  • Users can use the W20 cross-platform to access data and process transactions
  • Users can connect their W20 wallet with the SecuX Mobile iOS/Android App.
  • W20 offers a moderate to high battery life
  • Users have the option to store more than 1000 cryptocurrencies in the W20 wallet
  • Offers high safety from hackers and unwanted access through top-notch security standards.
  • Allows users to perform transactions on the go.

3. SecuX W10 Wallet

SecuX W10 Lite Crypto Hardware Wallet, Which Is A Great Hardware Wallet For Occasional Use.

It Has The Same Big Color 2.8″ Touch Screen As The Previous 2 Models, Therefore It Is Very Easy To Use And Also Very Secure.

SecuX W10  Wallet
SecuX W10 Wallet

SecuX W10 Lite Crypto Wallet Is A Deep Cold Storage Hardware Wallet, Perfect For Holdling Your Cryptocurrency Assets, But Not Using For Everyday Use. This Has No Battery And The Device Can Only Be Used With Usb Connectivity, For This Using A Micro Usb Connector.

SecuX W10 Wallet Features

  • Considered a very suitable option for beginner-level users.
  • The interface is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • This also comes with the Infineon CC EAL5+ chip to enhance the security on the upper level.
  • It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies to its users.
  • For a better security experience, a multi-layered security shield is already embedded within the wallet.
  • Users can create up to 500 accounts on a single device for different crypto coins.
  • The wallet is priced at $69


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The Setup and Installation Process

The SecuX wallet will ask you to name your device after trying to set up your PIN. Not only does the responsiveness of the touch interface and the inner QWERTY keyboard make typing easier, but also the easy, hassle-free experience without having to plug into a monitor or laptop. You can either configure your device in a new one or you can restore an old wallet after you have entered the details. Pretty normal stuff I think if we look deep into the device. You will save a 24-word recovery phrase if it is a new wallet.

SecuX Hardware Wallet – Supported Coins

SecuX wallets support more than 1000 cryptocurrencies now, including the greater cap projects as well as all tokens of ERC20.

SecuX supports all big cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, BNB, DOGE, XLM, TRON, Ethereum and more. Support for all native ERC-20 tokens, the top TRC-20 and TRC-10  tokens including USDT, LINK, USDC, UNI, and so on is also available. In the meantime, the SecuX team said in just a few weeks their wallets would support and ADA, and DOT in The Near Future .

SecuX Hardware Wallet – Security & Safety

A hardware wallet is only effective at the end of the day because it has high safety standards. Why do you use one if it does not offer this?

SecuX hardware wallet began with the basic definition taking into account all the data. It will deter possible threats such as cyber hacking, implantation of viruses, physical attack, clone swapping, etc. Anything from supply chains, prototypes, flows of manufacturing and manufacturing processes to factory stocking and packaging, logistics, and so forth is inspected by the SecuX team. SecuX does this to ensure that the devices are delivered to your hands are very well equipped with all the security details they claim. The SecuX hardware wallet is a sophisticated and easy-to-use product that does not jeopardize protection and safety.

An Infineon SLE Solid Flash Chip CC EAL5 Plus, which is used to store your personal PIN code and Private key, is included in SecuX Crypto Hardware Wallets. Such a secure standard is much better than the one used for online threat protection for most financial systems. SecuX Wallets are considered to be safety devices of a vault or military level which protect digital assets. The company claims that the Infineon CC EAL 5+ chip of SecuX Wallet achieves the probability of zero transaction leakage.

The CC EAL5+ certification means that a product protection test was performed, and it complies with a certain specification and that the EAL5 certificate was semi-developed and checked.


The SecuX All Wallets Is A Great Hardware Wallet. While Either Are Easily Seen As High-Quality Cold Storage Devices, The SecuX Wallets May Be More Most Useful To Active Traders On The Go. Additionally, The Touchscreen And Connectivity Options Are Nice Extras To Have If Cost Is No Barrier. The Time Saved With The Improved Display Will Certainly Add Up And Eliminate The Annoyance Of Waiting To Confirm An Entire Address Or Wait For Other Information To Be Displayed.

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