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What Is STREETH (STREETH)? Complete Guide Review About STREETH.


A making Street Art MONETIZABLE, COLLECTIBLE, TRADABLE, ENJOYABLE and ETERNAL. On the Ethereum blockchain. STREETH is an early-backed project founded by blockchain experts and fintech investors Marco Calamassi and Danilo De Rosa. This is conceived to project Street Art into the future era of the Internet of Things. Street Art is the most popular and renowned Art niche within the global $70,000,000,000 art market and yet, given its scale and “public” nature, is the only one that has never been Monetized, Traded, Collected and privately Enjoyed.

It also has a perishable nature and finite life cycle (weather, vandalism, zoning and other threats). At STREETH curate, mint and auction world’s most renowned artists’ Street Artworks and let collectors own, trade, store and enjoy them. All through the Blockchain technology.

STREETH Storage Key Points

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Imagine being able to bid, win and own that massive and unique mural by world acclaimed artist STREETH, located on a building in Miami, from the comfort of your home, wherever you are. You will be able to visit the site of the Street Art piece you own, pull out your phone, scan your QR Code placed on the art and be prompted to the app dashboard and show your friends, spouse or people around that you are the sole and legitimate owner of that unique piece of art.

Becoming the legitimate owner of a fully authenticated, 1:1, massive, physical masterpiece by world famous artists is now possible. Even if one day the art piece will vanish or be vandalized, you will be the sole owner of its NFT version, in perpetuity. Fully endorsed, signed and authorized by the artist. You’ll pass it to your children unless you decide to trade or resell it on your platform.

Each Street Art piece that you own will be minted and registered on the Ethereum blockchain with Proof Of Ownership and Artist Authentication certificates. You will be able to see it inside your STREETH VAULT where all your art is stored. The art piece will also be publicly visible on the STREETH MAP page where all art pieces are displayed on a massive map of the planet. Anybody who clicks on that art’s pin will be shown its owner and its full etherscan ownership transaction.

Collectors will also be offered the opportunity to lend their collected art pieces to STREETH’s MUSEUM, a foundation built on the metaverse and accessed through full-experience VR visors. Visitors will be able to admire privately owned Street Art pieces offered by collectors. Collectors will be rewarded in BRICKS, your secondary token that can be farmed through STREETH tokens staking or, as just mentioned, through lending owned creations to the MUSEUM.

Streeth Process

Famous artists sign an exclusive rights of sale contract with STREETH Art drop is announced and its auction scheduled. Art auction starts with a predetermined starting price, reserve price and end date. Art auction ends and art is sold to the highest bidder (if reserve is met). Art is minted and transaction is registered on the blockchain, ownership is transferred. Art piece is stored into the buyer’s VAULT on the App. Art piece is displayed on the MAP with full details. Art can be kept into the collector’s personal VAULT, re-listed into the MARKET or lent to the MUSEUM.

Future Uses & Outlook

STREETH expect world Museums to be using your ecosystem to protect world heritage artworks like Da Vinci or Caravaggio from future deterioration. They expect art collectors to purchase world renowned street artist creations (exclusive to STREETH) from your marketplace. They expect street artists to finally monetize their Street Artworks on your platform. They expect STREETH token holders to play an active role in your community, stake tokens to farm your limited-edition token BRICKS, for the decades to come. The ability to own unique Street Artworks, which can be acquired and traded on chain, is a game-changer that promises to shake up the hottest sector in the Art space Street Art.

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