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What Is Solberg(SLB) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Solberg

What Is Solberg(SLB) Coin Review ?

Solberg is a token for decentralized exchanges that brings the best of CeFi and Defi in its own way. Solberg’s vision is to become an important infrastructure for the Solana ecosystem. This guide offers instructions on how to get and set up different wallets for Solberg token. This guide offers instructions on how to swap USDT to SLB. Coming soon! Feel free to explore our knowledgebase down below in the meanwhile

Solberg (SLB) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAtomPad
Short Name(ATPAD)
Circulating Supply9,361,004.00 SLB
Max Supply20,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Why choose Solberg?

First on the market platform that utilizes Staking and NFTs in one platform

Staking brings passive revenue to the community. Solberg platform revolutionizes the use of NFTs by increasing APY of staking when users hold certain Colletions NFTs. We are the first ecosystem that interconnects Staking and NFTs in one ecosystem!

NFT reward fallback

By owning specific Solberg NFTs you increase your APY rewards

Big community!

Friendly and helpful management and community.

Accessible to anyone!

We believe in free market for everyone, this gift to you!

Secure & Fast!

Solana blockchain is a fully featured, fast and reliable platform.

Solberg Values Your Choice

Our goal is to integrate in most of the popular exchanges today, but still have our own decentralized exchange. This way the community has freedom to choose a platform where they want to hold, swap or trade Solberg.

  • Fully featured ecosystem with Serum DEX, Swap, Staking and NFT marketplace.
  • Publically registerred company, with real assets backing the project.
  • Multiple payment and trading options, including VISA and MasterCard.
  • Cross-Chain support. Easily move your assets through Solberg from another blockchain with minimal fees.

How to make an order on SOLBERG DEX

Before starting to make an order, the first connection to the wallet needs to be established. An example of how the wallet can be set can be found on the How to set up Phantom wallet page. Once the connection to the wallet is established on the top-left corner, from the drop-down box, choose a token pair:

On the list, Markets’ pre-defined Solana pairs or a custom one can be picked. To add new personal custom token pairs, click the plus (+) button next to the drop-down list and fill in the Add custom market form with required data: More about Markets’ pre-defined Solana pairs can be found on the GitHub page. In this example, the custom SLB/USDT token pair will be selected:

Token account: Contains the address to that currency (token) · Wallet balance: How much money do you have in the wallet for that currency (token) · Unsettled balances: Indicates how many funds are on the intermediary wallet that interacts between you and the DEX · Deposit button: Show window with information on the token address to send funds to if needed · Settle button: Transfer funds from the intermediary wallet to your wallet

In the Orderbook section, all selling/buying orders for the selected token pair will be listed. The red ones are the orders for selling and the green ones are the orders for buying the currency (token). Here can be seen all of the open buying and selling orders for a specific market:

Swapping using Coin98 on Raydium

To get started make sure you have at least 0.1 SOL in your wallet and that you have USDT on your wallet. A) If you are on desktop and using Coin98 Chrome extension go to Raydium swap and connect your wallet using a button in the top right corner.