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What Is Scarychain? (SCC) Complete Guide Review About Scarychain.

What Is Scarychain?

The Scarychain Coin world of crypto and decentralized finance is enormous and growing exponentially. New projects and opportunities pop up every day on an ever-growing number of networks. For those that know where to look, and what to look for, the growth potential for an investment can be 100x greater. However, the risk to lose it all is also present as well if not careful and informed.

For the regular crypto curious or new participant in the crypto space, the learning curve is great. The time investment could be months, if not years to gain the level of understanding necessary to make investments that grow and avoid those that cause loss. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a team of seasoned professionals in this space to bridge the knowledge and investment gap, fast tracking your success in crypto/Defi?

Scarychain Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameScarychain Coin
Short NameSCC
Circulating Supply
Total Supply2,000,000,000,000
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Scary Chain Capital

Scarychain First, don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing “scary” about this project…quite the contrary actually. Scary Chain Capital, or SCC, is a FaaS protocol on the Fantom Opera and Ethereum blockchain. FaaS stands for Farming as a Service. It is the process of investing across the cypto/DeFi ecosystem (short and long term) with the specific purpose to produce yield off of those investments. SCC simply does this on behalf of its holders, vs. them having to do it for themselves.

Benefits of bonding:

For Protocols

  • No mercenary liquidity.
  • Build Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)
  • Get more revenues from swap fees
  • Grow a Treasury by offering discounted tokens in exchange of other Assets
  • Increased Price Stability

For Holders

  • No Impermanent Loss
  • Better Price
  • Easier than Liquidity Providing

Risk and Security

While Scarychain Coin contend that participation in SCC tremendously lowers the risk for holders, this space is never without risk and constant threats. Rug-pulls, pump and dumps, smart contract risks and exploits are just the tip of the iceberg for threats in this space.

Scary Chain Capital is committed to the safety and security of the holders and they have taken the additional steps to ensure the strongest smart contract possible by having audits performed. These audits are 3rd party groups who specialize in finding bugs, exploits or potential risk in a project’s smart contracts. Below are the notices and results of these audits to give you confidence that your investments are safe with us.


Scarychain SCC is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of or two trillion. This makes SCC non-inflationary, meaning there will never be more than 2 trillion tokens in circulation. There is an additional supply of 2 trillion tokens that is locked within the bridge between ETH and FTM which solely supports transfer of tokens between chains. These tokens would never be moved or made available for purchase or sell unless voted on by the community for a project benefitting reason (i.e. additional chain liquidity, etc.)


The goal is to help SCC token holders gain exposure and access to the best opportunities of the DeFi ecosystem while decreasing their risk and the effort necessary to do it on their own. Those eager to grow an investment consistently, while also preserving such investment over the long term simply have to buy into SCC and let our professional team of traders and farmers work on their behalf.

Scarychain Coin In short, every purchase of SCC tokens feeds a project wide treasury that is used to farm the crypto/DeFi space and earn yield for holders. Holders are able to gain value from SCC token price appreciation, as well as regular dividends as key investment milestones are reached.


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