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What Is NFT-MAKER (NMKR)? Complete Guide Review About NFT-MAKER.


NFT-MAKER is the world‘s leading brand to create a suite of tools that help companies, artists, developers, and self-starters develop blockchain products. With a strong focus on accessibility, NMKR has created a mix of easy-to-use development APIs and no-code building blocks, which can be combined in a modular way and bundled them up into their core product NMKR Studio.

In terms of sustainability, it’s become clear that the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm used by many Blockchains, require an enormous amount of energy as their core protocol element. It is very important to that bring NFT’s to the world whilst ensuring that the infrastructure are building is as environmentally friendly as possible.

NFT-MAKER see these as challenges to overcome and with your holistic approach, feel this is possible. By focusing on energyefficient Proof-of-stake blockchains like Cardano, they will be the intermediary between NFT suppliers and their customers – offering an easy to use and EU compliant product ready for the world.

NFT-MAKER Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameNMKR
Circulating Supply2.16B NMKR
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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Digital Art

No longer do NFT-MAKER need to rely on paperwork or central 3rd parties to transfer complex and expensive assets – they can do this in a trust less, decentralised manner using the blockchain. From the point of view of the general public, as with most technology, people want to have the best results without needing to know exactly how it works. The researchers at Cardano did manage to crack this and thus, Cardano is the current best-in class infrastructure, for the best method of storing ownership ever created.

This is one of the key pillars in your philosophy of bringing the power of NFT’s to everyone but to explain some of the detail, here is an overview of why NFT’s are important on Cardano. The Bitcoin blockchain pioneered the use of the UTXO model of accounting, whereby instead of logging the current balance of each account, the blockchain stores the set of unspent transactions.

Origins and History

The initial idea for NFT-MAKER was first conceptualized by your co-founder(s) during the early months of 2021. After the rise of NFTs on NFT-MAKER with the initial release of the SpaceBudz project, it became clear that there’s a lack of accessible tools for creating NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Thus the idea was born. A few weeks later, your Founders Patrick Tobler and Fahim Popalzai created the initial NFT-MAKER V1 website which for the very first time on NFT-MAKER allowed non-technologically-savy users to create their own NFTs.

It immediately became a huge success and has since then allowed more artists to create NFTs on Cardano than any other Minting Tool. Shortly after this, your founders were contacted by the artists behind two of the earliest large-scale Cardano NFT projects. The Onionskin and the unsigned_ algorithms.

Although powerful and solving many of the issues with minting, the system of unique, reserved addresses does require considerable coding skills to implement, especially in regards to back end/ front end of a website. Because of this, the team started making the tool even more accessible to non-programmers. Since then the growth has been exponential, leading to over 800 000 NFTs minted through NFT-MAKER products in less than 9 months after the initial NFTMAKER V1 release.

Technological progress

Technological progress seems to naturally result in having around 5 key players in any given space as time passes. NFT-MAKER expect the same thing to happen with blockchains, leaving the Pareto principle majority of users being active on the top chains that are optimized to perform best in a given scenario.

Over time, they plan to bring NFT’s into the mainstream which will mean making them available on multiple blockchains to ensure users are able to access them. Having said this, they did need to select a single chain to get started on – here is why selected Cardano.

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