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What Is Enigma (ENGM)? Complete Guide Review About Enigma.

What Is Enigma (ENGM)?

Welcome to Enigma, a metaverse developed on the blockchain! Nigma is a decentralized gaming ecosystem, in which you can actively participate. The project is part of a new generation of video games in which users can earn cryptocurrency for their contributions to the ecosystem. These types of games are known as ‘Play and Earn’ and have recently grown in popularity.

Enjoy quick and intense battles to earn what you came for. Enigma 5v5 crypto battles will motivate you to work with your team and destroy your opponents together. Be the disruptive one in the scene and you will be renowned for your accomplishments. Strategy in and out of the game will help you climb the ladder and lead to a greater chance of earning rewards.

Enigma Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEnigma
Short NameENGM
Circulating Supply1.00B ENGM
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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During the match, players fight each other using a specific set of weapons. They can collect items that other players drop, including their NFT weapons. Players don’t bring items collected in a match back to the metagame though. A player’s overall meta inventory influences the quality of items that a player carries into a match. Players earn rewards based on their performance, invested time, and overall effort.

Players also earn experience for items they carried when they joined the match. Players fight each other in a 5×5 team match. Players choose which team they will play for, using pre-selected equipment. Each player can choose 1 of 5 sets of weapons before the game starts. Each player will be able to acquire a unique character for which he will participate in matches.

Each character has a limited amount of energy, which allows you to participate in matches and receive rewards in the form of $GIM. The energy supply is fully replenished within 24 hours. Enigma a character runs out of energy, you will be able to participate in matches, but you will not be rewarded for them. To play continuously, players can replenish energy through in-game resources or by purchasing multiple characters.

NFT Characters

Later down the line, Enigma may introduce NFT characters as well, and maybe even some NFT cosmetics on top. Players will be able to buy NFT characters on the marketplace or inside the game for $ENGM. Each NFT character will have a limit on the number of life cycles.

After the character’s life cycle ends, he can make a modification of the character to recharge the life cycle using the $ENGM token. The number of life cycles is limited and depends on the rarity of your NFT character. When the life cycle limit ends, the NFT is burned, and the player receives compensation in $GIM tokens.


There are billions of pieces of unique equipment in Enigma that can be equipped to a player’s character, all affecting the performance and appearance of the character in battle. Equip heavy armour and heavy weapons to deal big damage and be protected, or play a hit and run style by equipping a rapid fire weapon and a light Armour set to move quickly. The choice is all yours.

Equipment has many attributes that may influence visual appearance, game play stats, and additional effects, with some pieces being more powerful, rare and valuable than others. Equipment can therefore have varying effects even within the same category, allowing you to tailor your character to any play style you prefer.

Free Equipment

For the metaverse to really grow there shouldn’t be an upfront payment required to play. That’s why Enigma be providing players with free gear to play with from the start. There will also be ways to grow your inventory, obtain more free equipment, and upgrade it using resources acquired by playing the game, like in any regular Free-to-Play game.

The free equipment cannot be turned into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) though, and it will have significantly less crypto-earning capabilities than NFT equipment.

NFT Equipment

Thanks to blockchain technology and NFTs, players can own their game assets. You will not only be able to play, but you are able to use them to earn Crypto Currency, trade items or even sell them. All of those hours spent on improving your character and items will now have a monetary value associated with them.

Before the official launch of the game, Enigma will have one map available on which you can play in the 5×5 PVE deathmatch mode. After the official launch of the game, a multiplayer mode will be available on this map.

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