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Routeafrica Web Hosting Review: Best Domain & Hosting Provider.

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About Routeafrica

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Some Quick Facts Routeafrica Web Hosting

RouteafricaBasic Details
Hosting NameRouteafrica
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Routeafrica Price

Transfer Market

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With the current install base, that means millions of real user wallets went live and there is enough transaction liquidity to start using Ink as intended today. At launch, the Listia marketplace was able to jumpstart Ink via millions of buyers with XNK balances, sellers with feedback and reputation, and also kick off the network effects in a way that makes the platform fully functional on day one. Ink has been fully integrated into the Listia marketplace and replaced Listia Credits, resulting in widespread adoption and immediate usage of Ink at launch.


Routeafrica is a decentralized reputation and payment system powered by the Ethereum blockchain and a native ERC20 utility token. It is designed specifically for P2P marketplace transactions where trust between the buyer and seller may be limited. They enhances the buying/selling process by helping users safely send and receive payments in P2P marketplaces while also earning a publicly viewable reputation. Payments within Ink are sent.

However, sometimes the transaction in a P2P marketplace does not go as planned. For example, the item may arrive damaged, the seller may lie about shipping an item, or the item may not be as described. In this case, most centralized marketplaces will help resolve your dispute by having a customer support team member assess the evidence and decide whether a refund is necessary.


In practice, apps supporting wrap the entire process for buyers and sellers such that either the buyer or seller can create a transaction. Additionally, even though a buyer initiates the transaction, it does not mean that the seller is automatically held accountable for the transaction. The seller must approve the transaction before it is considered legitimate. The seller can also just ignore it completely. Meanwhile, the buyer’s funds are held in escrow by the transaction.


This typical marketplace transaction into a series of states, which are defined below. This flow was developed based on the team’s many years of experience running Listia and dealing with myriad of outcomes and edge cases that can occur during a marketplace transaction. A full diagram of a transaction’s various states is included below as well. At first, it may seem strange that the buyer is initiating the transaction, but this structure prevents an extra call to the Ethereum blockchain.

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