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The Problem

The startup investment industry is largely lead by Venture capitalists and institutional investors. They leverage their capital, network, connections, their experience as well as their brand. By making successful deals and establishing their name in a given industry means they are able to negotiate better investment conditions to make a substantial ROI. The majority of those deals are conducted in a closed and private environment. Recently, retail investors are more attracted to a democratic funding method, some Startups have considered the “Fairlaunch” funding method for that reason.

RATSCOIN TEAM DAO Retail investors don’t typically have access to these kinds of deals. From coinbase seed round to IPO there was a 5000% ROI. Insane. In both traditional equity markets and crypto, by the time of public listing, VC’s have already made a substantial investment and token unlock schedules often deter smaller investors.

RATSCOIN TEAM DAO Fair Launch is not a practical method to release a token, let alone fund a business. It’s unreasonable to expect adoption from mass retail investors and for them to provide not only funding but also connections and marketing, a core part of what VCs provide today which is often worth just as much as capital to a project. Now more than ever, a democratic and practical startup investment approach is demanded, to bring more competitiveness and innovation to startup industry.

How Will Ratsdao Solve This Problem?

RATSCOIN TEAM DAO is to create an open and inclusive competitive environment – the Decentralized Venture Capital concept. RATSDAO offers retail investors preferential investment conditions depending on their investment performance recorded on the blockchain. Recorded investments are not editable, as all negotiations are all on-chain. RATSDAO investors can brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capitalists and much like traditional VCs do today, they can negotiate more favorable investment terms. RATSDAO aims to change the structure of shady behind-closed-door investment deals to an open and more competitive deal structure that takes place on the blockchain. This will drastically shake up the startup industry.

How Does DAO Work

The rules of the RATSCOIN TEAM DAO are established by a core team of community members through the use of smart contracts. These smart contracts lay out the foundational framework by which the DAO is to operate. They are highly visible, verifiable, and publicly auditable so any potential member can fully understand how the protocol is to function at every step. Once these rules are formally written onto the blockchain, the next step is around funding the DAO needs to figure out how to receive funding and how to bestow governance. This is typically achieved through token issuance, by which the protocol sells tokens to raise funds and fill the DAO treasury.

In return for their fiat, token holders are given certain voting rights, usually proportional to their holdings. RATSCOIN TEAM DAO funding is completed, the DAO is ready for deployment. At this point, once the code is pushed into production, it can no longer be changed by any other means other than a consensus reached through member voting. That is, no special authority can modify the rules of the DAO; it is entirely up to the community of token holders to decide.


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