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What is Qube Crypto Space (QUBE) ? Complete Guide Review About Qube Crypto Space

What is Qube Crypto Space (QUBE) ?

Qube Crypto Space Launched in 2021, Qube is a hub that combines helpful and popular tools and solutions of the crypto world. It is a great place for creating, playing, earning, trading, collaborating with like-minded participants, and boosting skills. We are striving to build a unique project from crypto enthusiasts for crypto fans, an alternative for the most trending products. It will be a crypto space with user-friendly and the most suitable income-generating DeFi solutions, Launchpad for blockchain projects, NFT marketplace, P2E Gaming and Social platforms for newbies and professional users.

Qube Crypto Space is a globally distributed team that has the skills and experience to realize the potential of projects in blockchain technology. are a group of dedicated developers, designers, artists, programmers, and – above all – innovators in the field of entrepreneurship and business scaling. Qube is open to partnerships, feel free to contact us team is made up of global professionals from core fields who are passionate about DeFi and the crypto industry in general. QUBE token is not just a speculative coin. We have worked out an anti-inflationary tokenomics model, where all ecosystem participants will receive rewards on equal terms and use the token in different services of Qube products.

Qube Crypto Space Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameQube Crypto Space
Short Name(QUBE)
Circulating Supply132,731,059.00 QUBE
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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What Is Qube DEX?

Qube DEX is an automated market maker (AMM) that consists of a series of smart contracts forming and functioning as a decentralized exchange. It allows users to swap and trade tokens easily without the need to create accounts, verify ID, and make deposits or withdrawals.

  • There is no place for third-party interference. You have total control over your funds and trading process.
  • An advanced trading engine brings high-throughput and instant execution. Say goodbye to failed trades, high slippage, and front-running.
  • Qube is secured and fully audited.

Trade directly between users of the qube ecosystem in an open and transparent network, taking full advantage of the blockchain. Swap is the main feature that allows you to instantly and privately convert one cryptocurrency to another. Provide liquidity and earn DEX-generated swap fees that are paid with native QUBE tokens.

What Is Qube NFTs

The Qube NFT Marketplace is the best place to plunge into the digital NFT world. It’s designed to gather the most creative artists, passionate collectors along with the crypto enthusiasts together. Discover exclusive artworks or assets from all around the world.

How it works for authors

Connect your wallet Use wallets supported by Qube Crypto Space to connect to the Qube NFT market placeAdd your NFT Create your personal profile, create your NFT collection and add different types of NFTsSell ​​itChoose the type of sale, set your price and wait for the buyer

Qube Crypto Space is designed to expand the crypto industry

Qube is a platform that combines useful and popular tools and solutions in the crypto world. This is a great place to create, invest, play, earn, trade, collaborate with like-minded people and improve your skills.

Ecosystem’s Products


Swap, stake, and farm tokens easily without the need to create accounts, verify ID and make deposits or withdrawals.


It is revolutionizing the crypto space by bringing early-stage blockchain projects and communities close to each other for business scalability.


Find a wide range of digital artworks on Qube Marketplace or create your own NFT to offer for sale.

Social (soon)

Share your ideas and build fruitful collaborations on Qube Social. Connect with other blockchain enthusiasts and companies and raise brand awareness of your brand in the cryptocurrency market.