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Pusathosting Web Hosting Review: Provide domain registration services.

About Pusathosting

Pusathosting made this auto delete email feature based on your needs too, where they received many emails whose contents were email logs or server records. Of course, the contents of the email will definitely increase, increase and even increase your email inbox. They also delete it manually, but rather than manually, it’s better to just create it using scheduling. Among the features of your email hosting package is the auto-delete system of email messages automatically. You simply define which email address you want to autodelete and which will be deleted in a few days. For example, an email that is 10 days old will be deleted automatically, so you just have to specify the number of days.

To report phishing emails, it seems that there is no global reporting service, so at this time have to report back to their respective email providers. If you use your email hosting server service, then you can directly WA to your number to report a phishing domain. Pusathosting emails are fraudulent emails that appear to have come from or were sent from the right sources. Phishing emails trick email recipients by disguising the sender’s email address even though the email was sent from a different server, namely the spammer’s server.

Some Quick Facts Pusathosting Web Hosting

PusathostingBasic Details
Hosting NamePusathosting
Email SupportN/A
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Pusathosting Price

Example of Phishing Requesting Payment

If your company collects payments via email, then be wary because there could be other parties claiming to be you and billing your customers. Pusathosting above is an example of a phishing email where it looks as if it was sent from even though if you examine it in detail the email was sent from another domain, namely If you are deceived by the email and transfer money, then you have been deceived.

Lite the dev/marketing wallet funds will be used for social media influence to increase adoption. They will launch a crypto article campaign with your media partner. Finally, Shiba Squad will host parties on Youtube with music, visuals, and giveaways. They can only grow and accomplish its mission with your help. They believe in the power of your community.

SPF Hard Fail

One way to prevent spammers from phishing your email is to use strict hard files in SPF. That is using the – sign (straight minus) and not the ~ (wavy)The effect is that if there are spammers who do phishing, then the email will be immediately rejected alias bounce.The following is an example of the bounce result when you use SPF hard fail. For the recipient side, you can coordinate with the sender of the email and you can filter the received header of the sender’s email. For example if you are Pusathosting customer and use your email server. Then the SMTP server has a dns format.

Ensure Valid Email in Gmail

Pusathosting get an email requesting payment, then you must make sure the email is sent from the correct server in Gmail you can see the source code by means of view source. If the SPF status is PASS then the email has been sent from a valid server. But if the SPF status is Soft Fail, then you have to be careful and first confirm with the email sender whether they really sent the email. Those are some things about dealing with phishing emails that can convey and if you have questions, you can directly contact.

There are also a number of guides in the help topic that will walk you through technical problems. Lite add guides when a problem that may be difficult to solve comes up often, so if you’re having trouble be sure to check here for a guide to your problem. A Core Farm is usually offered to projects who have shown excellent trading volumes on Pusathosting and have met the standards of your internal review process, while any project can participate in a Farm Auction and win a Farm slot.

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