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What Is Poopsicle (POOP) ? Complete Guide Review About Poopsicle

What Is Poopsicle (POOP) ?

Poopsicle It all started with very first YouTube content, which we shot in the living room of friend’s condo who is now one of our team members. The three of us joined forces in October of 2020 and got united on the current rise in cryptocurrency interest and popularity among retail as well as institutional investors.

Poopsicle reignited interests from 2017 when the ICO wave shocked the crypto world. Us too along with many other mainstream audience, learned lots of valuable lessons from the bull run of that year all the way to the bear market back then.

Poopsicle Fast forward to February 14th, 2021, the very first content from the CryptoPuujin team went live on YouTube. saw the current mainstream crypto adoption as an opportunity to spread knowledge and awareness to the general public regarding blockchain as a technology as well as cryptocurrency as a form of investment, specifically to the Mongolian folks who YouTube contents catered towards.

Poopsicle (POOP) Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePoopsicle
Short Name(POOP)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max SupplyN/A
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Good to know: Splitting your product into fundamental concepts, objects, or areas can be a great way to let readers deep dive into the concepts that matter most to them.


Poopsicle This bull market has distinguished itself from the incumbents with its rise of NFT-mania. The artistic nature of NFTs has reached an audience wider than regular crypto projects with whitepapers littered with big words like AI, Web3, Defi, Decentralization and their grandiose plan of saving humanity from the petro-dollar system.

Poopsicle it is to nice own unique token pointing to digital assets living in IPFS or storage solutions like Arweave, it really isn’t that beneficial unless you have some form of utility attached to the NFTs. Therefore, we have created NFTs that have utility.

Poopsicle PooNFT, also want to establish POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) for PoopsicleDao so Poopsicle can be a sustainable project that earnestly is governed and run by the community. present you yield-bearing NFTs that will plant the seeds of POL for PoopsicleDAO

PooNFT Public Sale

When: It’s TBD, though are targeting April 2022. NFTs usually have a set price for minting and a limited number of participants. Typically, sale proceeds go to the team, excluding some airdrops and discord community incentives that they hold.

  1. 1.No set price.
  2. 2.No upper limit on the number of participants.
  3. 3.$POOP token equal to the amount of capital raised, 100% of it will be given back to our community How? Continue reading because you all are in for a treat.

Poopsicle is not an instrument for us to raise capital. It is to increase awareness among the crypto market and establish POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) for Poopsicle Dao.

If you have not heard of Olympus Dao, they are the team behind the innovation of this idea of having POL by introducing “Bonding”. Bonding enables investors to acquire $OHM token at a discount by committing different assets like $DAI and $FRAX. As a result of this discount, bonding inflates the supply $OHM and adds selling pressure. Yet having attractive staking APY and bonding have proven successful. Olympus Dao’s treasury value currently sits at $519 million, while its market cap is $589 million.

How to go from Rags to Riche$ with $POOP:

Poopsicle developed a way to eliminate all the alt-coin waste from the Orbit into pumpable goodies that can be APEd over and over again. Of course, we have a special process that allows us to maintain all the HYPE in the $POOP and keep everything $rich and MOON-y.

Building A Moon Asset:

We’d like to work closely with local shitcoins and develop a new system to mint assets directly on the moon. The operation will obviously be the most environmentally friendly since we’re not burning fuel like crazy, you feel me?!

In House Production

Poopsicle built the BIGGEST and the BADDEST state-of-the-art facility to better control the quality as well as the production of our poopsicles. We create our mixes from scratch with the shit that we consume daily and that makes every flavor an extremely unique out-of-body experience.