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What Is Libcoin (LIB) ? Complete Guide & Review About Libcoin

What Is Libcoin (LIB) ?

Libcoin (LIB) is supercharging crypto by plugging in the first tokenized Gigafactory. The coin democratizes access to a new class of investors to participate in top-tier green energy investments. Backed by battery technology, the LIB token is a one-of-a-kind digital asset. aim to start a Gigafactory of Lithium-Ion batteries built in a consortium with relevant partners. The raised funds will be deployed to accelerate the development of the first Gigafactory with the partner Avass to support the establishment of Libcoin as a leader in sustainable cryptocurrency. The LIB token features a burn-and-mint model and offers a range of different utility, including governance, staking, and reward functions.

Libcoin (LIB) is a governance and reward token backed by a portfolio of investments into world-class battery technology. The mission of the Libcoin team is to both accelerate the transition into clean energywhile democratizing the community and financial opportunity through a novel crypto asset. The Libcoin will be the first crypto asset that offers potential holders’ exposure to investments and rewards in the booming battery technology industry. expect to offer significant rewards for the Libcoin ecosystem. For instance, our backers are building India’s first Gigafactory and have committed 25% of profits to annual token burn. With aprojected annual revenue of $5Bat maturity Libcoin’s early backers will greatly benefit from the renewable energy transition.

Libcoin (LIB) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameLibcoin
Short Name(LIB)
Circulating Supply75,000,000.00 LIB
Max Supply499,999,997
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How Does it Work?

Libcoin (LIB) token is backed by green investments into Lithium-ion battery gigafactories. The capital raised with the LIB token will be invested into the construction of a lithium-ion Gigafactory. The factory is to be built with partner Avass. A 30GWh manufacturing plant should be established in India underpinned by Avass’ unchallenged cell technology.

In order to minimize the time to market and allow for timely development of the Gigafactory, the LIB token functions will be rolled out in two stages. The base model including the burn-and-mint setup, as well as partner distribution, is active from launch. More advanced governance and staking functions are projected to be launched within 2 years.

LIB Token Functions

  • Backing of token with battery technology
    • Libcoin deploys raised funds into battery technology to back LIB tokens
    • 25% of any profits from the battery business are converted into LIB annually
    • Acquired LIB will be permanently removed from the supply by burning
  • LIB offers a more sustainable crypto asset

Collaborate Only With The Best

Libcoin (LIB) partners Avass and the Duggal Family Trust make it a prime player and very well-positioned in the market for production of lithium-ion batteries in India. Avass has a successful history in developing world-leading battery storage technologies & EV manufacturing. Commercial buses of Avass are already running on ground with more than 800 km range on single charge.

Car prototype R800 is already produced with a ground-breaking technology of producing 1160km within a single charge The core of each electric vehicle, the battery, is produced in-house The Libcoin project is part of the Duggal Family Trust (DFT) and the DFT Group of Companies.

  • Libcoin (LIB) DFT is an investment trust that invests and manages in a range of industries that includes real estate, commodity trading, facility protection and integrated security services, engineering and construction, electric transport and battery storage.
  • It is active mainly in Australia, Singapore, India, New Zealand, China and Indonesia but with activities all over the world in other countries such as Hong Kong, Macau, Mauritius, Peru, Turkey, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, the UK and the US. The DFT Group of Companies supports Libcoin with its know-how in cutting edge technologies and extensive experience