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What Is Krabots(KRAC) ? Complete Guide Review About Krabots

What Is Krabots(KRAC) ?

Krabots is a virtual robot combat game where everyone can join in the robotic economy through creative physics-based battle and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can collect plenty of NFT parts, build their own robot and fight against real players and obtain incredible rewards. The story begins in 2112. Application of VR, Blockchain and Metaverse in games has advanced to the next level. Developers have brought in marvelous experiences, surpassing the reality’s constraints.

Krabots is one of the most exciting games of the time. It allows users to roleplay as outstanding engineers of , a city whose residents are cats and dogs. These brilliant engineers create their unique to join in the fiery Botfight arena. The game has brought fame and fortune to its owner, L.I.V.E Corporation.

Krabots At the peak of success, the project’s tech lead was fired without any notice. However, no one would have thought that he’d be able to add a code, in the nick of time, making all current players grounded in the virtual world of Krabots. No one knows how to return to the real world. They can only spread the rumors of a powerful boss that once defeated will open an exit for every stranded player.

Krabots(KRAC) Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKrabots
Short Name(KRAC)
Circulating Supply3,700,000.00 KRAC
Max Supply100,000,000
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build a large and harmonic community for both traditional gamers and GameFi users for longevity and sustainability.


Develop a quality NFT game that focuses on the entertainment aspect for relaxation.

Game Mode: PvP Ranking

Battle against real players and fight your way to the top. Higher rank, more rewards

  • Matchmaking: matching the players with same rank.
  • Earning: get both rank point and KRG each match.
  • Formation: complete your team with 3 krabots.
  • Strategy: choose your lineup wisely based on your opponents.


KraCoin ($KRAC) is the governance token of Krabot. Holders are meant to influence the future of Krabots by signaling their support for upgrades to the ecosystem and acquiring rewards on holding. BEP-20 token standard on Binance Smart Chain


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Physics-based Battle

⭐ Machine fights automatically.

⭐ Combine various weapons & gadgets to unleash awesome combos.

⭐ Outsmart the opponents with your creative design.

⭐ Captivating arena fights with unpredictable outcomes.

Features :


Collect plenty of NFT parts & combine them to create your own robots


Physics-based battle allows you to experience mind-blowing combats with unpredictable results.

Match prediction

Betting on your favorite player & multiply your earning value.


Workshop is a great place for community content creator to earn money by selling their greatest works.


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What Is Krabots(KRAC) ? Complete Guide Review About  Krabots