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What Is Kols Offering Token (KOT)? Complete Guide Review About Kols Offering Token.

What Is Kols Offering Token (KOT)?

Kols Offering Token is the ecosystem combining KOLs, marketing, social network, NFT and Cryptocurrency in order to create a community for the social influencers, fans and marketers gets more closer and benefit together. The video will show what is KOT and how it is high applicability for everyone Using KOT ecosystem. What focus on is not only your Technology and infrastructure, they are building an Ecosystem to serve the Entertainment Community using Blockchain and Tech 4.0. This group brings together the most famous people who have the widest, largest and strongest influence on a certain age group or industry.

Their role is not only the face of a brand, the image of a brand but also strongly influences the lifestyle, culture, and orientation of the generation. Kols Offering Token target group possesses popularity not only on social networks but also in media channels, newspapers, television, etc. The object of influence of the Mass seeder group is a small set of customers. They are the ones who give readers unbiased, honest reviews about products or services. Besides, they can PR by sharing content from the two groups above.

Kols Offering Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKols Offering Token
Short NameKOT
Circulating Supply60,000,000.00 KOT
Total Supply100,000,000
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Kols Offering Token Team

How it Works

KOT is the project about KOL Offering Token. It combines Blockchain, Kols Offering Token and Entertainment Services to develop an ecosystem for Community to connect KOLs from many entertainment professions to Fans and Followers. With NFT trending, People can exchange and trade items, pictures, videos, gifs, music And each item is unique and no copyright for that. Although they share the same influence on the community, the scope of Influencers is narrower than the Celeb group, and this group often thrives on social media. They have quite a strong voice in a certain field community.


Kols Offering Token bring the best value for your community with your ecosystem and the following services. The application that are expecting to spread out to community and will be the key to attract all the KOLs and Fans throughout platform.

  • Rewards – The private staking is one make profit and rewards for all the early stage Investors. They have benefit to buy and stake KOT in a good rates.
  • NFT Exchange – NFT marketplace is where everyone can buy, sell, exchange or auction their own NFT from games, kols or any special and unique NFT in the world.
  • Farming – The farming service is not only supporting for liquidity but also having lots of benefits from KOT.
  • Low cost – Using Kols Offering Token in every services provided in your Ecosystem can lower your cost and give users more chance to get rewards.
  • KOT Token – With all ecosystem and vision of the project for longterm, they believe that KOT price and increase steadily and stable that will become any user’s Asset.

Mobile App

Kols Offering Token is a livestream and video posting application for everyone to join. They have KOLs system for livestreaming and their own fans can join and communicate directly with idols. KOLs stands for Key Opinion Leaders, that is, people with great influence on the online community are invited to participate in a media campaign to spread the word. The development of technology, the emergence of KOLs, positive changes, people gradually know that Kols Offering Token are important tools in Marketing at businesses. Effectively using KOL in the “push trend” campaign for brands on social networks in a short time will help businesses achieve some KPIs in terms of points, interactions, and orders very quickly.

  • KOLs can create their own channel, create NFTs to sell or auction on NFT marketplace
  • Fans can buy NFT from their idols, send gifts and especially can earn token when seeing videos or join livestream

Kols Ecommerce

Kols Offering Tokenis the operation of doing business in whole or in part by means of an electronic commerce system. In simpler terms, e-commerce is the buying and selling of products or services through the internet and other electronic means. These transactions include all activities such as transaction, purchase, payment, order, promotion and delivery. KOLS ECOMMERCE was formed on the idea of combining the potential of KOLs services with the trend of e-commerce. Kols Offering Token services will be developed on your system, and the transaction and conversion of that service is represented by tokens representing the organization – individual – company they are developing.

This service area. The healthy competition brings an increase in value for the tokens of the KOLs service development organizations in the future more specifically the Kols Offering Token token will be a multi-tasking intermediary token (IDO , IEO, IFO..) to legalize the above conversion and transaction. More specifically, the value of KOT will grow rapidly in the shortest time, which is the basis on which launched this project.

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